Information about your new email system: As of April 1st, the University of Missouri email team has created over 15,000 new student email accounts for those who chose not to opt in. Your email will start to flow into your new account after the forwarding process is complete. The University of Missouri email team will begin turning on the forwarding on Monday, April 5th. This process will continue all night and is expected to last until early morning Tuesday, April 6th. You may access your new email account after the completion of the forwarding process.

All of the University of Missouri campuses have teamed up with Microsoft to provide students with a better e-mail solution. Students will receive a Windows Live account, which includes e-mail, online file storage, and other services. A Windows Live ID (, where username is the same as your UMSL SSOID) will be used to log on to all Windows Live services. The email service is called Outlook Live.

While attending UMSL, students will have an e-mail alias to identify their campus affiliation:, where username is the same as your UMSL SSOID. This will be the e-mail address used for all official University communications.

UMSL students will see an immediate advantage to their new e-mail - vastly expanded storage. Mailbox size will be increased to 10 GB, up from 50 MB in the current webmail system. Students will be able to continue to use the e-mail address and Windows Live services after graduation.

Besides Windows Live, additional Windows Live services include:

  • Windows Live SkyDrive: store up to 25 GB of data online; access it from any computer or share it with friends
  • Windows Live Groups: collaborate in a virtual workspace
  • Windows Live Messenger: chat with up to 20 friends
  • Windows Live Toolbar: sync favorites in Internet Explorer 7 and 8
  • Windows Live Photo: share photos
  • Microsoft Office Live Workspace: store and share documents online
  • Windows Live Spaces: blog and share photos, opinions, and more

Please note that no e-mail will be lost as a result of this change. When you move to Windows Live, new mail messages will be delivered to your Windows Live account. You are responsible for moving any existing e-mail from your account to your Windows Live account. For instructions on how to move data from your old email account to Windows Live.

Students will continue to access on-campus technology resources (computing sites, Blackboard, etc.) via their UMSL username (SSO), not an e-mail address.

You are responsible for moving any data, such as saved e-mail and personal address books, into Windows Live. You will need to review the mail on your account to decide what items you want to move. Please refer to the IT KnowledgeBase for instructions on how to move mail from your old email account to Windows Live.
Ready to start using your new email service?
The first time you use your new email service, you will be asked to provide a first - time use password. Click here to find out your first - time use password! (this link works best with Internet Explorer, more information here)
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