Every faculty and staff member is assigned a Single Sign on ID (SSO ID), used to access UM-St. Louis computing services. This ID may also be referred to as your Gateway ID.

Your SSO ID (Gateway ID) gives you access to the following:

Access the Single Sign On website, to:


UNIX Account

You can request an account on the UNIX web server to store files that make up your website.

ListServ Accounts

ListServs allow individuals to post email and attach documents (usually concerning a specific subject or interest) to a centralized location so that these materials may be accessed and responded to by all members of the group. UMSL currently maintains two types of ListServ accounts: Course-related and Non-course-related.

Course-related ListServs are available by special permission from the Associate Vice Chancellor for IT for those courses needing to use a tool outside of MyGateway.

For more information on listservs call the Faculty Resource Center: 516-6704