Guest access is currently available on the UMSL wired and wireless networks.

UMSL faculty and staff can create and sponsor an account on our guest network. That account can be created by visiting this page and following the instructions there.

It is NOT permissible to use your UMSL SSO_ID to register systems for guests, guests must use a guest account.

Wireless Access

Once an account is created the guest can connect to the TritionNet SSID, register their system with their guest SSO_ID and get to the internet without using the VPN client. The first time they connect, it may take a few minutes to get the system registered, but after it is registered they will be able to connect quickly and easily. A link to more detailed instructions is below.

Wired Access

Guest accounts can only be used on wired ports that have been specifically designated as guest access ports. If you would like a guest access port in your area, you may contact the Technology Support Center. The tsc will then create a ticket for the IT Security group.

Accounts can also be generated for conferences and large meetings by contacting the Technology Support Center.

Note: If you need to register a Palm or Pocket PC contact the Technology Support Center.

Print instructions for using guest wireless.