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2016 Missouri General

Candidates for the General Election 2016

This is a list of major party women candidates who have filed for federal and statewide office and seats for the Missouri General Assembly. Information and results for this table are taken from the unofficial candidate list on the Missouri Secretary of State's website.

All candidates and parties are listed in ballot order. Bolded names indicate incumbents.

Last updated: 11/10/2016

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Federal and Statewide
Ann Wagner Ballwin US Rep District 2 R Won
Doanita Simmons St. Peters US Rep District 3 C Lost
Vicky Hartzler Harrisonville US Rep District 4 R Won
Genevieve (Gen) Williams Neosho US Rep District 7 D Lost

0/6 Statewide offices = 0%
2014  National average of women in statewide offices =

State Senate
Jamilah Nasheed St. Louis MO Sen - 5 D Won
Jeanne Bojarski Kansas City MO Sen - 7 L Lost
Shalonn (KiKi) Curls Kansas City MO Sen - 9 D Won
Gina Walsh
St. Louis MO Sen - 13 D Won
Lora Young Harrisonville MO Sen - 31 L Lost
Currently: 6/34 State Senators: 17.6% D=5 / R=1
2014 National average of women in the State Senate: 20.8%
State Representative
Sandy Van Wagner Smithville MO Rep-12 D Lost
Mary Hill Liberty MO Rep-17 R Lost
Lauren Arthur North Kansas City MO Rep-18 D Won
Ingrid Burnett Kansas City MO Rep- 19 D Won
Valorie Engholm Kansas CIty MO Rep-19 G Lost
Vicki Riley Independence MO Rep-21 R Lost
Judy Morgan Kansas City MO Rep-24 D Won
Gail McCann Beatty Kansas City MO Rep-26 D Won
Jeanie Lauer Blue Springs MO Rep-32 R Won
Donna Pfautsch Harrisonville MO Rep-33 R Won
Rebecca Roeber Lees Summit MO Rep -34 R Won
Cheri Toalson Reisch Columbia MO Rep-44 R Won
Martha Stevens Columbia MO Rep-46 D Won
Susan McClintic Columbia MO Rep-47 D Lost
Ashley Beard-Fosnow


MO Rep-55 D Lost
Wanda Brown Taylor MO Rep-57 R Won
Liz Gattra Wentzville MO Rep-63 D Lost
Gretchen Bangert Florissant MO Rep-69 D Won
Sue Meredith St. Louis MO Rep-71 D Won
Mary Nichols Maryland Heights MO Rep-72 D Won
Cora Faith Walker
St. Louis MO Rep-74 D Won
Donna M.C. Baringer St. Louis MO Rep-82 D Won
Gina Mitten St. Louis MO Rep-83 D Won
Karla May St. Louis MO Rep-84 D Won
Stacey Newman St. Louis MO Rep-87 D Won
Tracy McCreery St. Louis MO Rep-88 D Won
Deb Lavender St. Louis MO Rep-90 D Won
Sarah Unsicker St. Louis MO Rep-91 D Won
Vicki Lorenz Englund St. Louis MO Rep-94 D Lost
Cloria Brown St. Louis MO Rep-94 R Won
Marsha Haefner St. Louis MO Rep-95 R Won
Nancy Craig Fenton MO Rep-98 D Lost
Jean Evans Manchester MO Rep-99 R Won
Marguerite Dillworth St. Charles MO Rep-103 D Lost
Peggy Sherwin St. Peters MO Rep-104 D Lost
Kathie Conway St. Charles MO Rep-104 R Won
Chrissy Sommer St. Charles MO Rep-106 R Won
Karen Settlemoir-Berg Imperial MO Rep-113 D Lost
Becky Ruth Festus MO Rep-114 R Won
Barbara Stocker De Soto MO Rep-115 D Lost
Elaine Freeman Gannon De Soto MO Rep-115 R Won
Diane Franklin Camdenton MO Rep-123 R Won
Patricia Pike Butler MO Rep-126 R Won
Sandy Crawford Buffalo MO Rep-129 R Won
Ella Jane Goeppinger Springfield MO Rep-130 D Lost
Sonya  Murray Anderson Springfield MO Rep-131 R Won
Crystal Quade Springfield MO Rep-132 D Won
Angela Dowler Pryor Springfield MO Rep-134 D Lost
Hannah Kelly Mountain Grove MO Rep-141 R Won
Victoria (Tori) Proffer Fredericktown MO Rep-145 C Lost
Donna Lichtenegger Jackson MO Rep-146 R Won
Kathy Swan Cape Girardeau MO Rep-147 R Won
Holly Rehder Sikeston MO Rep-148 R Won
Lena Samford Steele MO Rep-150 D Lost
Tila Hubrecht Dexter MO Rep-151 R Won

Currently: 43/163 State Representatives: 26.3% D=20/ R=23
2014 National average of women in the House: 25.5%

Current total of women in the General Assembly, 49/197 = 24.8%
2014 National average of women in the General Assembly = 24.2%

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