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2010 Women Candidates

Women Candidates for the General Election November 2, 2010

This is a list of women candidates who have filed for federal and statewide office and seats for the Missouri General Assembly. Information for this table is taken from the unofficial candidate filing list on the Missouri Secretary of State's website.

All candidates and parties are listed in ballot order. Incumbents are listed in bold.

Last updated: 11/3/2010

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The Sue Shear Institute for Women in Public Life

Federal and Statewide
Robin Carnahan St. Louis U.S. Sen D Lost
Susan Montee Jefferson City Auditor D Lost
Robyn Hamlin St. Louis U.S. Rep-1 R Lost
Julie Stone St. Louis U.S. Rep-1 L Lost
Vicky Hartzler Harrisonville U.S. Rep-4 R Won
JoAnn Emerson Cape Girardeau U.S. Rep-8 R Won

Currently: 1/2 U.S. Senators = 50% D=1 
1/9 U. S. Representatives = 11% R=1

2/6 Statewide offices = 33.3% D=2 
2008 National average of women in statewide offices = 23.2%.

State Senate
Jolie Justus Kansas City MO Sen-10 D Won
Maria Chappelle-Nadal St. Louis MO Sen-14 D Won
Barbara Fraser St. Louis MO Sen-24 D Lost
Currently: 8/34 State Senators = 23.5% D=5 / R=3
2008 National average of women in the State Senate = 21.7%.
State Representative
Keri Cottrell Canton MO Rep-1 D Lost
Rebecca McClanahan Kirksville MO Rep-2 D Lost
Judy Wright Turney MO Rep-5 D Lost
Linda Witte Vandalia MO Rep-10 D Lost
Vickie Boedeker Wentzville MO Rep-13 D Lost
Kathie Conway St. Charles MO Rep-14 R Won
Sally Faith St. Charles MO Rep-15 R Won
Vicki Schneider O Fallon MO Rep-17 R Won
Anne Zerr St. Charles MO Rep-18 R Won
Jeanie Riddle Mokane MO Rep-20 R Won
Kelly Schultz Columbia MO Rep-21 D Lost
Laura Nauser Columbia MO Rep-24 R Lost
Mary Wynn Still Columbia MO Rep-25 D Won
Lexi Norris Kansas City MO Rep-30 D Lost
Barbara Lanning Lawson MO Rep-36 D Lost
Debbie Colozza Kansas City MO Rep-38 D Lost
Jean Peters-Baker Kansas City MO Rep-39 D Won
Shalonn (Kiki) Curls Kansas City MO Rep-41 D Won
Gail McCann Beatty Kansas City MO Rep-43 D Won
Sarah (Sally) Miller Kansas City MO Rep-44 R Lost
Nola Wood Kansas City MO Rep-45 R Lost
Diane Egger Independence MO Rep-53 D Lost
Jeanie Lauer Blue Springs MO Rep-54 R Won
Sheila Solon Blue Springs MO Rep-55 R Won
Karla May St. Louis MO Rep-57 D Won
Penny Hubbard St. Louis MO Rep-58 D Won
Jeannette Mott Oxford St. Louis MO Rep-59 D Won
Jamilah Nasheed St. Louis MO Rep-60 D Won
Tishaura O. Jones St. Louis MO Rep-63 D Won
Susan Carlson St. Louis MO Rep-64 D Won
Patricia Verde St. Louis MO Rep-64 R Lost
Michelle Kratky St. Louis MO Rep-65 D Won
Genise Montecillo St. Louis MO Rep-66 D Won
Sharon L. Pace St. Louis MO Rep-70 D Won
Stacey Newman St. Louis MO Rep-73 D Won
C M Spreng Florissant MO Rep-76 D Won
Eileen Grant McGeoghegan St. Ann MO Rep-77 D Won
Linda Ragsdale St. Ann MO Rep-77 R Lost
Margo McNeil St. Louis MO Rep-78 D Won
Mary Nichols Maryland Heights MO Rep-79 D Won
Rochelle Walton Gray Black Jack MO Rep-81 D Won
Jill Schupp St. Louis MO Rep-82 D Won
Vicki Lorenz Englund St. Louis MO Rep-85 D Lost
Cloria Brown St. Louis MO Rep-85 R Won
Jeanie Kirkton Webster Groves MO Rep-91 D Won
Sue Allen St. Louis MO Rep-92 R Won
Deb Lavender St. Louis MO Rep-93 D Lost
Alice Geary Sgroi St. Louis MO Rep-96 D Lost
Jan Polizzi St. Louis MO Rep-97 D Lost
Mary Jo Straatmann St. Louis MO Rep-98 D Lost
Marsha Ellen Haefner St. Louis MO Rep-100 R Won
Linda R. Fisher Bonne Terre MO Rep-107 D Won
Carrie Cabral Potosi MO Rep-110 R Lost
Janine Elizabeth Steck Jefferson City MO Rep-114 L Lost
Wanda Brown Lincoln MO Rep-116 R Won
Sandy Crawford Buffalo MO Rep-119 R Won
Courtney Cole Warrensburg MO Rep-121 D Lost
Patricia Johnson Raymore MO Rep-123 D Lost
Sue Entlicher Bolivar MO Rep-133 R Won
Melissa Leach Springfield MO Rep-137 R Won
Sara Lampe Springfield MO Rep-138 D Won
Diane Franklin Camdenton MO Rep-155 R Won
Shelley (White) Keeney Marble Hill MO Rep-156 R Won
Donna Lichtenegger Jackson MO Rep-157 R Won
Jennifer Allie Friedrich St. Mary MO Rep-157 C Lost
Ellen Brandom Sikeston MO Rep-160 R Won
Currently: 36/163 State Representatives = 22% D=26/ R=10
2008 National average of women in the House = 24.5%
Current total of women in the General Assembly, 44/197 = 22.3%
2008 National average of women in the General Assembly = 23.6%