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2005 Women Officeholders in Missouri

This is a list of women who currently hold office in Missouri. Source: Missouri Secretary of State.


Last updated: 04/10/2006 

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The Sue Shear Institute for Women in Public Life


Federal and Statewide
Claire McCaskill St. Louis Auditor D
Robin Carnahan St. Louis Sec of State D
Sarah Steelman Rolla Treasurer R
JoAnn Emerson Cape Girardeau U.S. Rep-8 R
Currently: 1/9 members of U.S. House of Representatives = 11% R=1 National average is 14.9%
3/6 Statewide offices = 50% D=2/R=1 National average of women in stat wide offices = 25.1%.
State Senate
Maida Coleman St. Louis MO Sen-5 D
Yvonne Wilson Kansas City MO Sen-9 D
Rita Days St. Louis MO Sen-14 D
Luann Ridgeway Smithville MO Sen-17 R
Joan Bray St. Louis MO Sen-24 D
Norma Champion Springfield MO Sen-30 R
Currently: 6/34 State Senators = 17.6% D=4 / R=2
National average of women in the State Senate = 20.3%.
State Representative
Rachel Bringer Palmyra MO Rep-6 D
Kathy Chinn Clarence MO Rep-8 R
Sally Faith St. Charles MO Rep-15 R
Vicki Schneider O'Fallon MO Rep-17 R
Cynthia L. Davis O'Fallon MO Rep-19 R
Danielle (Danie) Moore Fulton MO Rep-20 R
Therese Sander Moberly MO Rep-22 R
Judy Baker Columbia MO Rep-25 D
Susan Phillips Kansas City MO Rep-32 R
Sharon Sanders Brooks Kansas City MO Rep-37 D
Beth Low Kansas City MO Rep-39 D
Melba J. Curls Kansas City MO Rep-41 D
Jenee Lowe Kansas City MO Rep-44 D
Cathy Jolly Kansas City MO Rep-45 D
Kate Meiners Kansas City MO Rep-46 D
Terry Young Raytown MO Rep-49 D
Yaphett El-Amin St. Louis MO Rep-57 D
Jeannette Mott Oxford St. Louis MO Rep-59 D
Amber (Holly) Boykins St. Louis MO Rep-60 D
Connie (LaJoyce) Johnson St. Louis MO Rep-61 D
Robin Wright Jones St. Louis MO Rep-63 D
Rachel Storch St. Louis MO Rep-64 D
Gina Walsh St. Louis MO Rep-69 D
Esther Haywood St. Louis MO Rep-71 D
Maria Chappelle-Nadal St. Louis MO Rep-72 D
Margaret Donnelly St. Louis MO Rep-73 D
Juanita Head Walton St. Louis MO Rep-81 D
Barbara Fraser St. Louis MO Rep-83 D
Jane Cunningham Chesterfield MO Rep-86 R
Kathlyn Fares Webster Groves MO Rep-91 R
Jane Bogetto Kirkwood MO Rep-94 D
Patricia (Pat) Yaeger St. Louis MO Rep-96 D
Sue Schoemehl St. Louis MO Rep-100 D
Belinda Harris Hillsboro MO Rep-110 D
Marilyn Ruestman Joplin MO Rep-131 R
Sara Lampe Springfield MO Rep-138 D
Currently: 36/163 State Representatives = 22% D=26/ R=10
National average of women in the House = 23.6%
Current total of women in the General Assembly, 42/197 = 21.3%
National average of women in the General Assembly = 22.8%

NOTE:Missouri currently ranks 26th among the states for the percentage of women in the state legislature.

Illinois ranks 17th, Iowa 30th, Nebraska 21st, Kansas 8th, and Arkansas 39th. Maryland ranks first with 35.6%, while South Carolina ranks last with 8.2%.

National averages provided by 
Center for American Women and Politics, Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University