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Women Victors - General 2000

Missouri Women Elected Officials as of November 7, 2000

Incumbents are listed in bold

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The Sue Shear Institute for Women in Public Life, UM-St. Louis

Federal and Statewide
Nancy Farmer St. Louis State Treasurer D
Karen McCarthy Kansas City U.S. Rep-5 D
Jo Ann Emerson Cape Girardeau U.S. Rep-8 R
Currently: 2/9 members of U.S. House of Representatives = 22% 
D=1 / R=1
2/6 Statewide offices = 33% D=2 
National average of women in statewide offices = 27%.
State Senate
Anita Yeckel St. Louis MO Sen-1 R
Paula J. Carter St. Louis MO Sen-5 D
Mary Groves Bland Kansas City MO Sen-9 D
Currently: 7/34 State Senators = 21% D=4 / R=3
National average of women in the State Senate = 20%.
State Representative
Cindy Ostman St. Peters Mo Rep-14 R
Danielle (Danie) Moore New Bloomfield MO Rep-20 R
Nancy Copenhaver Moberly MO Rep-22 D
Vicky Riback Wilson Columbia MO Rep-25 D
Glenda Kelly St. Joseph MO Rep-27 D
Meg Harding Kansas City MO Rep-30 D
Susan Phillips Kansas City MO Rep-32 R
Annie Reinhart Liberty MO Rep-34 R
Luann Ridgeway Smithville MO Rep-35 R
Sharon Sanders Brooks Kansas City MO Rep-37 D
Marsha Campbell Kansas City MO Rep-39 D
Melba Curls Kansas City MO Rep-41 D
Yvonne Wilson Kansas City MO Rep-42 D
Jenee Lowe Kansas City MO Rep-44 D
Cathy Jolly Kansas City MO Rep-45 D
Carol Jean Mays Independence MO Rep-50 D
Connie Cierpiot Independence MO Rep-52 R
Amber Holly Boykins St. Louis MO Rep-60 D
Connie LaJoyce Johnson St. Louis MO Rep-61 D
Maida Coleman St. Louis MO Rep-63 D
Juanita Walton St. Louis MO Rep-69 D
Esther Haywood St. Louis MO Rep-71 D
Betty Thompson St. Louis MO Rep-72 D
Mary Hagan-Harrell St. Louis MO Rep-75 D
Lana Ladd Stokan Florissant MO Rep-76 D
Barbara Fraser St. Louis MO Rep-83 D
Joan Bray University City MO Rep-84 D
Jane Cunningham Chesterfield MO Rep-86 R
Catherine L. Hanaway St. Louis MO Rep-87 R
Kathlyn Fares Webster Groves MO Rep-91 R
Patricia Secrest Manchester MO Rep-93 R
May Scheve St. Louis MO Rep-98 D
Catherine Enz St. Louis MO Rep-99 R
Joan Barry St. Louis MO Rep-100 D
Kate Hollingsworth Imperial MO Rep-101 D
Deleta Williams Warrensburg MO Rep-121 D
Linda Bartelsmeyer Aurora MO Rep-132 R
Norma Champion Springfield MO Rep 134 R
Judy Berkstresser Crane MO Rep-141 R
Beth Long Lebanon MO Rep-146 R
Currently: 40/163 State Representatives = 24.5% D=25 / R=15
National average of women in the House = 23%.
Total women in the General Assembly, 47/197 = 23.8%.
National average of women in the General Assembly = 22.4%.