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Frequently Asked Questions

Lead LogoBelow are some frequently asked questions regarding the LEAD program. For additional information, call 314-516-4727, or email:

What qualifications are necessary to participate in the program?
Demonstrated leadership and interest in public policy are the two primary considerations for successful participation in the program.   

Does it matter what my major is?
Past participants included pre-med and pre-law students, majors in business, social work, education, engineering and various liberal arts fields, so there is no specific academic profile for the successful leadership participant. Participants from diverse backgrounds offer perspectives which enrich policy discussions.

Where does the program take place?
All on-campus activities are held at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. The LEAD program participants will attend a Community Service Project off-campus.

When does the program take place?
The LEAD program and events take place throughout the Fall semester annually. The application process is time-limited, please check LEAD Program to apply or call the Institute for Women in Public Life at 314.516.6623 or email:

Can I take classes or work during  LEAD? Yes. Many previous participants have maintained a full class and work schedule. However, LEAD program participants are expected to attend the majority of the program and event dates. 

What does the program cost?
There is a $20 registration fee per individual. This fee is utilized to offset catering and supplies associated with this program.

How many students attend the  LEAD each year?
In order to facilitate meaningful interaction and networking among participants and faculty, participation is limited. 

How can I apply?
Click on LEAD Program to apply in the early Fall semester or call the Institute for Women in Public Life at 314.516.4727 or email:


Please direct any questions to the Institute at 314-516-4727.