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Triton Health Educators

triton health educators with triton symbol

"Encouraging health and wellness in the UMSL community through education, awareness, and prevention."



Who are the Triton Health educators?

We are BACCHUS certified, peer educators dedicated to raising awareness, offering education, and preventing unhealthy behaviors on campus.  You may have seen our work on campus through the Choices campaign, 50 Shades of Consent, and Drive Smart to name a few.  We work closely with Missouri Partners in Prevention in creating our campaigns! 


Want to see an example of work we have done with Missouri Partners in Prevention?

Click here to see safe party facts! (PDF 75KB)

 We would love the opportunity to present and share our knowledge with your group.  We can present on misuse and abuse of prescription drugs, safety around alcohol and healthy dating practices.  Interested in hosting a program with the Triton Health Educators?  Please contact for information on how we can assist your group.


Interested in being a Triton Health Educator?  APPLY TODAY!