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Partners in Prevention

What is Partners in Prevention?

Partners in Prevention is Missouri's higher education substance abuse consortium dedicated to creating healthy and safe college campuses.  UMSL Partners in Prevention is a collaborative coalition using data-driven, evidence-guided practices to foster informed decision making and healthy and safe choices for the campus community.  The coalition is comprised of 21 public and private college and university campuses across the state. For more information about this statewide initiative, you may visit their website.  Chancellor Thomas F. George showed his support for our cause when he signed this commitment letter (PDF 100KB) to our cause!


What does this mean for UMSL?

UMSL has our own coalition based off the statewide coalition, UMSL Partners in Prevention coalition is coordinated by the Social Worker through the Division of Student Affairs and is made up of individuals from key offices such as Athletics, Counseling, Greek Life, Health and Wellness, Police, Residential Life, Student Affairs, Student Life and the Veterans Center. Our coalition works collaboratively to reduce students’ engagement in high-risk behaviors related to alcohol and drug use as well as increasing protective behaviors related to a variety of issues such as safe dating, driving, and mental health. 

Our coalition writes an annual strategic plan for prevention, guided by data, to identify those problems and strategies most relevant for our campus community. The coalition then approaches prevention efforts with evidence based practices and data driven goals. Quarterly meetings are held in order to identify progress being made, barriers to progress, and ways to overcome those barriers. The key assessment tool for determining prevention programming outcomes is the Missouri College Health Behavior Survey.


What can UMSL Partners in Prevention Provide the campus?

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