All of our campus-based fraternities and sororities have chapter houses near campus. The University has acquired several properties in the along Natural Brige Road to serve as additional residential communities for students. These properties include the chapter houses for Alpha Xi Delta, Zeta Tau Alpha, Sigma Pi, and Delta Zeta.


To view the Residential Community Handbook for the Natural Bridge Properties, Click here.



Inter/National Organizations and Housing Corps

Each inter/national fraternity and sorority has a contract or housing agreement with the University of Missouri – St. Louis through Residential Life and Housing. Each agreement between inter/national organizations and the University varies slightly according to the needs of the organization.  It is the responsibility of the Housing Corps and the local fraternity/sorority to fill the house each semester and ensure that all bills are up to date and paid to the University. 


Residential Life and Housing

Residential Life and Housing is responsible for helping the chapter maintain the Natural Bridge properties as outlined in this handbook.  Residential Life and Housing is also responsible for ensuring that the House Access List is kept up to date according to the Monthly Report submitted to the Office of Student Life by each chapter.


Residential Life and Housing’s main office is open Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 7 PM and Saturday from 10am to 2pm, located in the Provincial House on the first floor, in office C103.  The telephone number for the office is (314) 516-6877.


Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life oversees the fraternities and sororities and serves as a liaison among the chapters, Residential Life and Housing, and the inter/national organizations and Housing Corps. Student Life is also responsible for collecting Monthly Reports from each chapter that is reflective of the current house manager, chapter advisor, and Housing Corps Representative.  This same report should also reflect the level of house access for each member to ensure a secure and safe house.


The Office of Student Life is open Monday-Thursday 8am-6pm and 8am – 5pm on Fridays, located in the MSC 366.  The telephone number for the office is (314)516-5291.