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David Baugher
editor in chief

Joe Harris
managing editor
Pam White
business manager
Tom Wombacher
advertising director
Judi Linville
faculty advisor

Amy Lombardo
features editor
Ken Dunkin
sports editor
Stephanie Platt
photography director;
A&E editor

Sue Britt
news associate
Jeremy Pratte
web editor
Marty Johnson

Mary Lindsley
advertising associate
Dave Kinworthy
sports associate
Anne Porter
features associate
Owais Karamat
business associate
Todd Appel
bulletin board editor
Josh Renaud
news assistant;
assistant web editor

Jason Lovera
copy editor
Erin Stremmel
prod. assistant

Other Staff

Cory Blackwood, Sam Kasle, Catherine Marquis-Homeyer, Lisa Pettis