Student Organization Leadership Education


Each year, the Office of Student Involvement facilitates the Student Involvement Leadership Education training known as SOLE.  This training covers all the essential information for student organizations at UMSL to be successful.  All RSOs are required to have at least to representatives complete this training each year. 

In Fall 2020, SOLE was held in a virtual format due to on-going pandemic.  Each session from the day was recorded, and videos were posted to the Student Involvement YouTube page.  Student leaders are encouraged to view this SOLE Training for RSOs playlist on the YouTube channel.  For students and RSOs that were unable to participate SOLE Training while it occurred live on Saturday, August 29, you will have the option to "make-up" this training:

  • First, access the SOLE Training for RSOs playlist on YouTube.  Watch the videos from SOLE to educate yourself on important RSO information. 
  • One you feel confident that you have learned the necessary information, take the SOLE Training Quiz available on Qualtrics.  You must pass this quiz (at least 22 out of 31 possible points) in order for it to count towards your RSO renewal.  Fortunately, you may take the quiz as many times as needed. 


As usual, if you have questions or need assistance with SOLE training, you should contact the Office of Student Involvement at 314-516-5291 or