Each year all Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) must renew their status with the Office of Student Involvement (OSI) in order to remain in good standing. All training and updates to the organization's information must be completed to successfully finalize the renewal process. Once your renewal has been submitted and approved by the OSI, you will receive a confirmation from our office. 

Each year the OSI will enforce a priority deadline for organization renewal. This priority deadline serves as the cut-off date during the renewal process where certain student organization privileges are no longer available. Being a Recognized Student Organization comes with a variety of privileges such as access to Student Activity Budget (SABC) funding, discounted rates on MSC reservations and Sodexo Catering, and training/development resources from the OSI. 

The privilege cut-off date serves as an incentive to re-register your RSO early.  Here's how it works:

  • Your RSO registration for the current year is valid through June 30.  This includes access to RSO resources and privileges.
  • If you submit your RSO portal re-registration on MyEngage before July 1 and it is approved, your RSO privileges will automatically continue - you'll maintain access to all resources. 
  • Starting on July 1, RSOs that have not started the re-registration process will be temporarily "frozen" and will lose access to RSO privileges such as MSC reservations, SABC funding, etc. Your RSO will be "unfrozen" and privileges restored as soon as you submit your RSO portal Re-Registration on MyEngage. 

Click the tabs below for more information on each step of the Re-Registration Process. 

Organization Renewal opens each year in April. Once the renewal period has opened, you will follow the below instructions to complete it. 

  1. Open your organization's portal on MyEngage.
  2. Click "Manage Organization" in the top right corner.
  3. If your organization is eligible for renewal, there will be a blue bar across the top with a button that says "Re-Register this Organization".
  4. By clicking that button you will begin the renewal process and MyEngage will walk you through step-by-step.

Once you complete the renewal process, the Office of Student Involvement will be notified and then approve your renewal.


Attend SOLE

Our Student Organization Leadership Education (SOLE) training is an annual training required for student organization leaders. The one-day training is set up as a conference-style event with sessions including MyEngage Basics, Budgets & Bills, Marketing Your Leadership Skills, Planning Events, and more! Important things to note about this event:

  • This year's SOLE will be Saturday, August 28th, 2021 from 10:00am-3:00pm.
  • All student organization presidents and treasurers are required to attend this training. If the president or treasurer are not able to go, another officer or member of the organization must go in their place. no matter what, each RSO must have at least two representatives attend.
  • All attendees must stay for the entire day -- they cannot leave early or they will need to attend the SOLE makeup session. 
  • Register and find out more information about this event on the event's page in MyEngage!

Complete Continuing Education Opportunities - Wise Up Wednesday Series

Wise Up Wednesday is a series of presentations on personal and organizational leadership topics that will be held twice a month. These sessions will cover things like organization management, event planning, self-assessments, etc. 

Your organization will need to have representation at three of these throughout each semester to remain recognized. 

The dates and topics for the Spring 2022 Wise Up Wednesday series are below! Check the MyEngage calendar for more information! 

  • February 2nd @ 11am Membership Recruitment & Retention
  • February 16th @ 3pm Creating More Accessible Organizations
  • March 2nd @ 12pm Renewing Your Student Organization
  • March 16th @ TBD Managing Risk in Your Student Organization
  • April 6th @ 2pm Self Care Isn't Selfish: Time Management & Stress Relief
  • April 20th @ TBD Personal Wellness & Safety
  • May 4th @ TBD Effective Transitions in your Student Organization