Become a Member of UPB Executive Board

Applications will be accepted through April 3, 2022

The UPB executive board is a great way to gain experience for your resume, have an on-campus job, and make a difference at the university! If you are burned out by simply attending on-campus events, maybe it is time for you to step behind the scenes and help program them. You can offer your input and make the changes you'd like to see!

Executive Board Positions

Program Chair:

  • Assist in the planning and implementation of UPB programs. This position works specifically with the programs that change year to year.
  • Propose, plan, and implement new and creative events that enhance involvement at UMSL by providing opportunities for entertainment, social interaction, and learning outside of the classroom
  • Brainstorm creative marketing ideas to encourage event attendance
  • Follow all UPB and UMSL policy and procedures when planning and implementing events
  • Develop and maintain professional conduct when working with agents and vendors
  • Maintain accountability and responsibility for the budget and expenses of each event 
  • Track attendance and noticeable trends for assessment purposes
  • Attend bi-weekly one-on-ones with the UPB advisor
  • This list of duties, tasks, and responsibilities is not all-inclusive and other duties may be assigned. Consideration for special projects of interest 

Preferred Qualifications:

Attention to detail, creativity, determination, ability to work independently, strong communication skills, professionalism. It is vital that the candidate is able to think critically and adapt based on the current student needs and national trends. Involvement in co-curricular campus activities (i.e. student organization, research, attending on-campus events).


Salary & Training:

Starting salary is $11.15 per hour. This position requires 10 hours per week in the Office of Student Involvement. Office hours will be worked Monday - Friday (8:00am - 5:00pm. Occasional night and weekend hours are required for events. UPB students will not be permitted to work during the following academic breaks: fall break, spring break, and 2 weeks during winter break.

Mandatory training will be held on May 23-25, 2022 (9am - 4pm each day)


Send a copy of your current resume with anticipated graduation date, relevant experiences, and references to with the subject line ‘University Program Board.'

If you have any questions about applying or positions you can email and she will answer any questions you may have!