We have lots of events so be sure to come and check out our events throughout the semester! These can also be found on MyEngage to register ahead of time. 


Fall 2021 Events

Tie Dye & Boba Tea with UPB 8/23/21 12PM
Tropical Paradise Welcome Party 8/27/21 7PM
Commuter Cash Grab 8/31/21 12PM
Mini Golf 9/8/21 11AM
Hypnotist 9/9/21 7PM
Cartooon Drawing 9/14/21 5PM
Bingo 9/17/21 7PM
Game Show 9/21/21 12PM
Hispanic Heritage Month Cooking Class 9/23/21 5:30PM
Pizza & Pronouns Lunch & Learn 10/7/21 12PM
Halloween Drive In Movie 10/8/21 7PM
Escape Room 10/14/21 12PM
Explore STL: Six Flags 10/23/21 5PM
Board Game Cafe 10/26/21 12PM
Murder Mystery 10/28/21 6PM
Smash Bros Tournament 11/5/21 7PM
Vision Board Party 11/10/21 7PM
Late Night Bingo & Breakfast 11/12/21 8PM
Cryptocurrency investing Lunch & Learn 11/16/21 12PM
Origami Lunch & Learn 12/7/21 5PM
Cookies, Cocoa, & Cramming 12/9/21 12PM

Spring 2022 Events

Our board is still working on planning these events- check back later for more info!