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UMSL Student Organizations are just one way to get involved on campus. We have so many organizations that there is probably something for you! Use the navigation on the left hand side you can find resources for starting your own organization, development and training, and Advisor resource.

Student's involved in co-curricular activities also gain valuable skills such as: management, budgeting, collaboration, training, conferences, event planning, logistics, communication, conflict management, and much more!

Recognized Student Organizations by Category

student organization pie chart

Almost 400 programs are sponsored or co-sponsored by 120 student organizations each year.

graph of student leader GPA compared to all-campus average

Students involved in organizations and activities outside the classroom tend to perform better academically. Student leaders at UMSL have a higher grade point average than the all-campus average.

Members of student organizations also have the opportunity to attend trainings and programs centered around these topics to enhance their organization and experience at UMSL. Check out the Development and Training section of this page to learn more!