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Starting A New Student Organization

Couldn't find what you were looking for in our already-existing student organizations? Are you looking to start a new organization? If so, you've come to the right place! This page outlines the new student organization recognition process and tips & tricks for getting going in just one semester!

 New Student Organization Guide

New Student Organization Recognition

The process of becoming a recognized student organization is as follows:

STEP 1—Submit the New Student Organization Interest form on TritonSync (found in the UMSL Tritons Portal)

STEP 2—Set up a consultation meeting with the Office of Student Involvement

STEP 3— Begin Recruiting Members.  You will have access to the following organization resources only during your Pending  phase of organization and only after your Intent to Organize form has been submitted.

STEP 4—Complete the New Student Organization Application on TritonSync. After all materials are submitted, you will be contacted by a staff member in Student Involvement to schedule a meeting to review the constitution and by-laws. (Please note that you may need to revise the constitution and bylaws after it has been submitted the first time. You should be prepared to revise the constitution several times before moving forward in the process)

STEP 6—Review by Student Affairs Committee of the University Assembly (Student organizations may be Approved, Provisionally Approved, or Denied)

STEP 7—Notification of status from the Office of Student Involvement and new student organization training (if Approved)

Recognized Student Organizations

Privileges & Responsibilities

Recognized organizations have the following privileges and responsibilities:

  1. Use of University’s name for identification purposes
  2. Participation in University sponsored events
  3. Use of campus facilities and services as provided by university regulations, which include usage of the student copier, 1-3 posters per event (from our graphic designer), reservation of meeting and conference rooms, and the opportunity to promote and flyer on campus for events
  4. Organization mailbox located inside the Office of Student Involvement
  5. Must have a faculty or staff advisor that is currently 0.75 FTE (30 hrs/week or greater employment at the university)
  6. Must complete the organization renewal process on an annual basis
  7. Must update TritonSync portal anytime a change of officers occurs
  8. Must submit a membership roster of a minimum of ten (10) names annually
  9. Must submit an update of the organization constitution and bylaws annually
  10. Student organization must attend the Office of Student Involvement SOLE (Student Organization Leadership Education) training session at the beginning of the semester
  11. Voting seat in the Student Government Association (SGA)
  12. Eligibility to apply for financial support from the Student Activities Budget Committee (SABC)
  13. Eligibility to receive student leadership award honors and outstanding organization awards
  14. Must comply with Student Involvement and Student Government Association policies in order to maintain funding
  15. Must be responsible for the whereabouts of capital expense items purchased with Student Activity Budget Committee funds

Holding the status of a Recognized organization does not mean that the University supports the views held by an organization. All organizations are expected to comply with policies, procedures, and regulations of the University.  Responsibility for violations of any laws (federal, state, or local) or University regulations must be assumed by the organization and (or) individual officers and members.  An organization’s inability to adhere to these responsibilities may result in deregistration and/or the forfeiture of the organizations’ privileges. 


Tips & Deadlines

  • New Student Organization Interest forms and New Student Organization Applications will only be accepted during the Fall and Spring semesters. This gives the Office of Student Involvement time to update necessary documents and policies for student organizations.
  • The Student Affairs Committee only meets 2-3 times per semester and does not meet between June and August. Being prompt with submitting the Application and changes to the constitution and bylaws will move the process along faster and help ensure your organization is recognized within the same year that the process is started.
  • Be patient and plan on having at least 2-3 rounds of changes for your constitution and bylaws after your initial submission with the New Student Organization Application. These documents govern your organization so it is important that they are accurate and consistent.
  • Student groups looking to become a Recognized organization through the Office of Student Involvement must fill out the New Student Organization Interest form and have a consultation meeting before submitting the New Student Organization Application.
  • The Office of Student Involvement will not begin the review process for your organization before all documents have been submitted including:
    • Roster of at least 10 currently enrolled student members
    • Faculty/Staff Advisor
    • Constitution and Bylaws
  • Deadlines:
    • New Student Organization Interest forms will not be accepted after April 1
    • New Student Organization Applications will not be accepted after May 1
    • All applications and forms will be available no later than August 1 of each academic year