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Each year all student organizations must renew their status with the Office of Student Involvement in order to remain in good standing. All training and updates to the organization's information must be completed no later than September 30 of each year.

Click the tabs below for each step of organization renewal

S.O.L.E is the annual training for student organization leaders. The day is set up as a "Pick Your Pathway" conference event with sessions including TritonSync, Budgets & Bills, Marketing Your Leadership Skills, and Working With Your Advisor. Here is some basic information about the day:

  • All student organization presidents and treasurers are required to attend. If the president/treasurer isn't’t able to go, someone else can go in their place.
  • Each student can only represent one organization. Meaning, if I am a president of AAA and secretary of BBB I can only represent one of the organizations. Someone else will need to go in my place for the other.
  • All attendees must stay for the entire day- they cannot leave early or they will need to attend the SOLE make up session.
  • Registration will open on July 1 so keep an eye on your email.

To ensure that your organization's contact information is up to date with the Office of Student Involvement, we ask that all organizations update their TritonSync profile at least once a year.

Renewal opens each year on May 1 with an orange box appearing at the top of your organization's portal. If you don't have that box anymore, it means that this step is complete for your organization! If you do still have that box, follow the directions below:

Updating an Organization or Officer Information

A person must be in the Administrator category on TritonSync to make changes. If a current officer/administrator wants to make a new officer a TritonSync Administrator so they can update group information, go to the organization’s page, click People, find the name of the new officer, click on the name, and then find the “Groups” section near the bottom. Click Manage, and then toggle Administrator privileges on. It is recommended that only trusted organization officers be given Administrator status. If you have trouble accessing or using TritonSync, please contact us.

Updating Organization Records on TritonSync:

  1. Navigate to your organization’s portal by clicking on its name under the Organizations tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click Profile.
  3. Click the Edit pencil, right under the Profile bar.
  4. Make any necessary changes to organization description, website, and portal picture.
  5. Click to the next page to add Officers in the "positions" feature
    • All students listed as officers must be users in TritonSync
    • Required Positions are President, Treasurer, SGA Representative, and Advisor. All required positions must be different people.
    • All officers will receive an email from TritonSync to fill out additional forms. These forms *must* be filled out before the positions are approved.
  6. Click through the rest of the registration page and submit the renewal request.
  7. Wait for approval by the Office of Student Involvement. We check to ensure that the officers meet grade and enrollment requirements and that your organization's governing documents (constitution, bylaws, and roster) are up to date, so please make sure that your information is accurate. (If there are any problems, we’ll send you a message)

Once Student Involvement approves your changes, you will receive a message from TritonSync and your changes will appear in your portal.

Note: The contact information for the president, vice president, treasurer, SGA Representative, and advisor is required. This information should be updated after any elections have taken place and new officers appointed. It is also required that this information be updated at the beginning of each new academic year. Even if officer information has not changed, you must still update or resubmit this information to our office. Please be sure the UMSL email address to ensure that your organization receives the correct information from the Office of Student Involvement.

Any request to change information in an un-editable field, such as name and purpose statement, must be sent to

In addition to updating TritonSync, the Office of Student Involvement also needs an updated record of your student membership. We already created a file for you to use:

Roster update form

Use this form to update your organization's roster each year. Fill out all relevant information then upload the file when you update officer and organization information.

Tips & Hints

  1. Be sure to fill the file out completely. Meaning you must have the first name, last name, SSO ID number, and UMSL email address for each members.
  2. All organizations must have at least ten (10) members listed on their roster. This is the minimum number of student members you may have in order to access student organization privileges.
  3. Save the file with the following information: Student Organization Name, Current Semester, Roster.
  4. The file must be uploaded when you update the organization's TritonSync portal. It's ok if you have to do it more than once! Just don't be alarmed if the portal isn't approved right away.