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Breakout Sessions

Leadership and Impact Through Cultural Competence
Sherita Love, ExpandED Equity Collaborative
MSC 313
The Leadership and Impact Through Cultural Competence workshop is designed to enhance cross-cultural understanding, relationships and engagement in efforts to deepen community impact and to develop culturally competent leaders. Participants will actively explore, recognize, and honor the influence of cultural background on patterns of human behavior. By engaging in reflective dialogue and action planning, participants will establish strategic goals for sustained inclusive culture and practice in community leadership.

Leading While Brown
Rachel D'Souza-Siebert , Gladiator Consulting
MSC 314
At the age of 23, Rachel D'Souza-Siebert took on the leadership role of a $5 million business, a management team of 10 and over 100 part-time employees. Reflecting on this experience of leading as a young woman of color, Rachel will share learnings from her successes and failures and outline her best practices for leading while brown in a world that feels black and white. 

The Need for Intersectional Feminism: Moving from Theory to Practice
Brittany Harris, M.Ed., Training & Developing Specialist, Center for Diversity and Inclusion
Washington University in STL
MSC 315
“Intersectionality” is the theory coined by Black Feminist Scholar, Kimberle’ Crenshaw, that explains how social identities and different types of discrimination are interconnected. Crenshaw states that “without frames that allow us to see how social problems impact all the members of a targeted group, many will fall through the crack of our movements, left to suffer in virtual isolation".  During the session “The Need for Intersectional Feminism: Moving from Theory to Practice” participants will learn foundational concepts regarding the vast array of intersecting social identities and how those social identities may limit access and coalition building, as well as tools that will enable participants to better support those who may be experiencing discrimination.

Intersectionality: Navigating the Workplace as a Woman of Color
Amy Hunter
MSC 316
Why aren't they speaking to me in the morning? Am I Black or female first? Often these questions are asked in the workplace. I would assert, I am both Black and female and navigating predominately white spaces can be accomplished with support and information around cultural norms. Come to this interactive session and learn the tools for success in an ever changing world.