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Breakout Sessions

Practical Guide to Everyday Challenges in a Women’s Professional Life
Tessa Rolufs Trelz, Partner & Practice Group Leader
Armstrong Teasdale
MSC 313
Tessa will share more than 30 year of professional experience, first as a Congressional aide in the rough and tumble world of Capital Hill and mostly from a long career as a corporate law partner and member of management in one of St. Louis’ oldest and largest law firms.   She will share practical tips for navigating  the challenges posed for today’s professional women, acknowledging that those challenges evolve with each generation.  Coming from a lawyer’s perspective, Tessa will utilize hypothetical situations and audience participation to work through the best ways to handle every day hurdles and impediments to professional advancement and success.

Speak up— Your Opinion Matters
Laura Holt, Psychologist/Outreach Coordinator
UMSL Counseling Services
MSC 314
"Speak your mind- even if your voice shakes" - Maggie Kuhn, human rights activist Whether you're fighting for justice, advocating for your needs at work, or expressing yourself in a classroom, your voice is an important part of the conversation. But in mixed gender groups, women only speak 25% of the time. In this workshop you'll learn how to articulate your opinions and make your voice heard.

Power and Poise: Understanding the Hidden Meanings Behind Male and Female Body Languages
Jennifer Ruffino, Senior Department Leader
Edward Jones
MSC 315
Men and women communicate differently, especially when it comes to body language. In this session, you'll learn how to recognize the variance in the non-verbal interactions between the 2 genders and then select and apply subtle differences so as to increase your power and perfect your poise!

Connection Confidence
Keisha Mabry, Connection Coach
The Connection Curator, LLC
MSC 316
Many people avoid building relationships. Why? They think it’s too time consuming or they are overwhelmingly shy. And it’s true. It’s a commitment that takes courage and persistence BUT it’s extremely significant. And for the record, you can connect by simply being you. By living how you normally live and doing what you normally do. In this session, connection guru Keisha Mabry will teach you how to make connecting a part of your daily to-do.

Lean In...Without Falling Over
Megan Green Simonds, Director of New Student Programs
Yvette Kell, Director of  Campus Recreation
Miriam Roccia, Assistant Dean of Students for Campus Life
University of Missouri— St. Louis
SGA Chamber
While the topic of women in leadership continues to be at the forefront of research, books, articles, and organizations, there is still no answer to what it takes to be a great female leader. Do we lean in or climb up? When I climb I also have to pull? But I shouldn't’t speak out?We will examine the phrases women in leadership hear during their journeys, dissect those phrases, and discuss how the power of leveraging positivity, humor and strength in our leadership positions have helped us achieve success. Participants will develop a strategy for bringing their own “brand of you” to their positions, while understanding different perspectives while working with a diverse network of colleagues.