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Breakout Sessions

How to Advance Your Career through Mentoring
Judith Cochran, Endowed Professor at UMSL
Anna Gardner-Andrews, FITE Facilitator 
MSC 313
Finding the appropriate mentor will advance careers an average of five years faster than those who do not utilize them. Data from Fall 2016's graduate students' reflections in ADED 6404 "Mentoring" course will be used as a basis of the presentations. Dr. Cochran will discuss Adult mentor selection and types of mentoring and Mrs. Gardner-Andrews will present results of mentee outcomes. when mentoring is provided.

Felix Culpa– Moving Forward When Things Go Wrong
Rachel D'Souza-Siebert , Gladiator Consulting
MSC 314
Sometimes life doesn't as originally planned - or by plan B.... or plan C. The term "felix culpa" is Latin for "happy fault". Wikipedia describes this as "a series of unfortunate events that will lead to happier outcomes." In this session, speaker Rachel D'Souza-Siebert will share personal & professional lessons learned by moving forward after an unimaginable trauma.

Grow Your Value: Living and Working to Your Full Potential
Tiffany Izard, Success Coach, UMSL Student Retention Services
MSC 315
Did you know that you can literally gain valuable work experience in any situation? Seriously, any situation. Come to this session and learn how to re-frame the boring and mundane into tangible and transferable skills that you can use on your resume, in life, and in your future careers as leaders.

Sorry, I’m Not Sorry— #BanBossy
Emily Davidson, Assistant Director of Marketing & Membership
Secily Adams, Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness
Yvette Kell, Director of Campus Recreation
MSC 316
Confidence for women is developed early in life, and terms such as "bossy" have a negative impact on this development. We will dive into how we can embrace ourselves as "The Boss" and stop the label of "Being Bossy". Instead of apologizing for being speaking up, we will discover ways to embrace our talents as female leaders and focus on the voice we bring to the table.

Shatter the Glass Ceiling-Receive the Salary You Deserve Through Effective Negotiating Skills
Jenita Hladyshewsky,  Director of Workforce Innovation/Connections to Success
SGA Chamber
As you may know, female full-time workers make only 80 cents for every dollar earned by men, a gender wage gap of 20 percent. Discover what you need to say before you acquire the job to attain the highest entry wage. Furthermore, utilize similar skills to negotiate a future raise. With effective negotiation skills and the tenacity to expect equity across genders, you will be able to articulate the salary you truly deserve.