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The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is a self-governing body made of  representatives from each UMSL Fraternity: Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Pi, and Sigma Tau Gamma.  Since its inception, IFC has worked towards providing opportunities for member organizations to develop the academic, leadership, social, and professional skills of UMSL's fraternity men. 

Fraternities are not just social groups. They are values-based organizations dedicated to providing opportunities for their members to develop the academic, leadership, social, and professional skills they will need to be successfully beyond their collegiate years.  Members are challenged to reach new levels of personal development and enhance their UMSL experience.

 IFC Recruitment Information

Fraternity Recruitment

Interfraternity Council Executive Board

President: David Niemann

Chief Justice: Michael Flammang

Vice President of Recruitment: Jacob Brown

Chief Finance Officer: Kenny Kolesa

Vice President of Scholarship: Kolbe Smith

Vice President of Membership Development: Tuan Hong

Chief Marketing Officer: Sam Kayser

Interfraternicy Council Chapters

At UMSL we have three chapters that are members of the Interfraternity Council: Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike), Sigma Pi (Sig Pi), and Sigma Tau Gamma (Sig Tau). The average size for our IFC fraternities is around 40 members giving most members a chance to take on leadership roles within the chapter. To view more information about each chapter, please click the links below.

Interested in Recruitment? Click here: 2016 Interfraternity Council Recruitment