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Art Request

This service is for Student Involvement recognized organizations only. If you are not sure if your organization is recognized by Student Involvement, please check the list of Student Organizations via the link at the left of this page. This is a free service for Student Organizations.

All art requests must be submitted at least TWO WEEKS before you want to display your advertising. No exceptions. It is recommended that you advertise for at least one to two weeks before your event occurs, so you should be submitting your request a month before the event to get the full benefits of advertising.

You will receive a confirmation email once you hit submit on your request

If you do not receive this confirmation, your request has not been received.

You will need the following to submit a request:
• Your SSO ID and password
• Organization name
• Event name and date
• An idea of what formats you'll need (rotunda banners, logo, t-shirt, brochure, etc. There is a list of options available once you log in.)
Exact text you want on your art (designers will copy and paste so be sure to proofread!)
• Any files you want to submit with your request (photos, pre-designed art, etc.)

You can log back in to this same request system to view who has been assigned to your request and/or to cancel requests.

Please email with any questions or concerns.

Ready to go?

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