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Volunteers for Children's Advocacy Services are an integral part of a program designed to help reduce the trauma experienced by child victims during the investigation and treatment phases. Volunteers interact with staff members, investigators, social workers, physicians, nurses, and others who share your concern for these children.

CASGSL volunteers make a positive impact on the lives of children who are the victims of trauma such as sexual or physical abuse.
Volunteer Opportunities at CASGSL

Volunteer Information Sheet (107 KB, PDF)
(To be completed by potential volunteer and returned to Children's Advocacy Services via mail or fax (314) 516-6624.)

Receptionist Assistant

Purpose: To assist front desk staff with reception area duties

Reports to: Senior Secretary or Administrative Assistant

Time requirement: 3 -10 hours per week. Volunteers are needed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.


Skills required:

Clerical Assistant

Purpose: To assist in clerical tasks as needed

Reports to: Senior Secretary or Administrative Assistant

Time requirement: variable


Special Event Volunteer

Purpose: To assist with special fundraising or program events

Reports to: Executive Director/Special Events Coordinator

Time requirement: variable, short-term




Volunteer Recruitment and Screening

Volunteers are recruited from a variety of sources. Prospective volunteers are encouraged to call (314) 516-6799. At that time, volunteers will be sent an application, along with a Missouri State Highway Patrol/Department of Social Services criminal background check and child abuse/neglect screening form. Upon receipt of the screening form, CASGSL will forward it to the state agencies. A response usually takes two weeks. If no criminal background or substantiated child abuse history is found, a staff member will contact the volunteer to discuss specific volunteer opportunities.

As an organization that serves vulnerable children and youth, it is essential that Children's Advocacy Services screen all prospective volunteers to ensure our client's safety.

Statement on Confidentiality

The children and families who receive services from Children's Advocacy Services of Greater St. Louis are experiencing a serious trauma and are dealing with extremely sensitive issues. It is absolutely crucial that all CASGSL volunteers respect our clients' confidentiality. Volunteers must not disclose any personal information about clients to anyone other than CASGSL staff. If another agency calls requesting information about a client, please refer the call to a staff member.