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Transfer Credit Equivalency

College-Level credit has the potential to transfer to the University of Missouri - St Louis in one of four ways.

  • First, as a direct equivalency, meaning the credit will transfer in and be equal to a course offered here at UMSL. These courses will be listed in the database with a standard, four-digit course number and course title for its equivalency.
  • Second, any courses listed as transferring as a Free Elective transfer, but do not apply to your UMSL degree in anyway. Basically, these courses are only used for admission.
  • Third, course noted a unaccepted transfer credit do not transfer. These courses will not satisfy any degree requirements and will not be considered for the purposes of determining admission.
  • Lastly, courses listed with anything else under the equivalency column will transfer as hours earned. Here, the class may not have an equivalent course taught at UMSL, but the student will receive an equal number of “elective” hours to count towards the total 120 required for graduation.

Students may use our Course Equivalency Database to determine how their credit will transfer to the University of Missouri - St. Louis. Please be aware that this Database is developed as credit transfer with students. So if a course is not listed, it may simply mean that a student has never tried to transfer before with that course.

Please contact the Office of Transfer Services at (314)-516-5162 regarding any questions you may have about the information found on the Course Equivalency Database. If you feel any entry is confusing or incorrect, contact us for clarification.

If, after you have transferred, you are dissatisfied with a determination made about the transfer of a course, there is an Appeal Process in place to allow you to contest the decision.