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Do you have some unanswered questions before applying or coming to UMSL? We've collected our most frequently asked questions below.

Select an FAQ area below to explore and if you still have questions, please contact us at 314-516-5162 or

Q. What are the steps required to transfer?
A. To apply to UMSL to become a full-time or part-time degree-seeking student, you will need to complete the steps of the transfer student application process found on our how to transfer page.

Q. How do I find out if my credits will transfer into UMSL and how they apply towards my degree?
A. As part of the normal transfer process, newly admitted students are required to meet with an academic advisor to sign up for classes. Your academic advisor will discuss with you how your credit has officially transferred and fits into the requirements of your degree program. If you would like to find out how your credit could transfer to UMSL before you apply and you are transferring from a local community college, find a transfer specialist who can pre-evaluate your coursework. If you are considering transferring from any other school, you can submit unofficial transcripts to us by fax or email for a pre-evaluation.

Q. How do I find out if my Military credits will Transfer?
A. You can include a transcript of your Military credit in your request for a pre-evaluation or you can contact James Craig in the UMSL Veterans Center and the Department of military and Veterans Studies by phone at 314-516-6037 or email ( to discuss how your Military credit could transfer, as well as other services that UMSL provides to veterans.

Q. What is the maximum amount of credit hours I can Transfer to UMSL?
A. A student may apply a maximum 60 credit hours of transferable coursework from all two-year degree-granting institutions to their UMSL degree. With the completion of an Associate of Arts degree at a Missouri community college or other partner colleges in Illinois a student could apply all transferable freshman and sophomore level coursework to their Bachelors degree from that institution. A student may apply an unlimited number of credit hours of transferable coursework from all four-year degree granting institutions to their UMSL degree. Each degree program does require a certain amount of hours to be taken at UMSL in order to graduate, referred to as academic residency.

Q. Where can I find information on what scholarships are available to transfer students?
A. You can also search our scholarships using the search tool on our Financial Aid Department’s webpage.

Q. What are the housing options for transfer students?
A. You may be eligible for several of UMSL’s housing options depending on your age and the number of credits that you transfer. Information on these options can be found with our Office of Residential Life.

Q. I’m a transfer student; do I need to attend Orientation?
A. All new student are required to complete an Orientation. Student admitted with 24 or more completed, transferable, college-level credit hours can choose to attend a half-day, on campus Transfer Student Orientation or complete the online orientation.

Q. How do I transfer my UMSL credit to another school?
A. You will need to contact the institution that you plan to attend for information on how they will accept UMSL's credit in transfer and about their transfer process. Request your transcript from UMSL be sent to another institution.

Q. I applied for UMSL before but did not attend; do I need to fill out a new application?
A. Yes, you will need to complete a new application. However, you do not need to pay the $35 application fee again. Also, we still have any official transcripts that you had previously sent. We do need any other transcripts that you had not had sent at the time or any updated transcripts of credit that you have earned since you last applied.

Q. I’ve attended another school in the University of Missouri system; do I need to apply to UMSL separately?
A. Yes, each of the schools in the University of Missouri system has their own application and admission process and requirements.

Q. I am an international student; how do I apply?
A. All visa-holding international students must apply through the International Student & Scholar Services office. Legal permanent residents of the United States (i.e. green card holders), can apply through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Q. What is the required GPA for Admission?
A. Students applying to the University of Missouri - St. Louis for full-time or part-time degree-seeking attendance with 24 or more completed, transferable, college-level credit hours will need a cumulative transfer GPA of 2.3 or higher to be considered for admission. Students applying with less than 24 completed, transferable, college-level credit hours will also need to meet UMSL's Freshman admissions requirements.

Q. How long does it take to be admitted?
A. Once our Office of Undergraduate Admissions has received your completed application and all of your required official transcript, it usually take 3-5 business days to process your application and send you a decision.

Q. What if my GPA is below 2.3; can I still be admitted?
A. First, be aware that UMSL may calculate your transfer GPA for admission differently than how it is listed on your transcripts. If you think your GPA might be below our admission standard, please contact our Office of Undergraduate Admissions and inquire about having an admissions counselor do an unofficial GPA calculation for you to see where you stand. If your cumulative transfer GPA is below 2.3, then you would need to improve it before you could attend UMSL. In this case, we still want one of our transfer specialists to work with you to help get you admissible. In this case they will recommend completing enough coursework at a local community college that will allow you to improve your GPA and can advise you on which courses to take, to make sure that they are transferable and so that you aren't losing any time, even if you are not attending UMSL right away. Note: Coursework earned at UMSL as a non-degree seeking student is not considered when calculating your GPA for admissions and is not, therefore, recommended for students repairing their academic standings.

Q. What do I do now that I am admitted?
A. The next steps for you to complete as a newly admitted UMSL student can be found at our After Admissions page.

Q. Who should I talk to after I am admitted?
A. All new UMSL students are required to meet with an academic advisor in their area of study to be able to schedule their first semester of classes. This advisor will also cover with you how your credit has officially transferred, how far into your degree you are, and what classes you will still have to complete. Contact information for each of the academic advising offices can be found here.

Q. Do my credit hours expire if I haven’t attended school in a long time?
A. No, UMSL evaluates transfer credit regardless of its age.

Q. Does UMSL accept CLEP testing?
A. Yes, accepted CLEP scores.

Q. Does UMSL accept Advanced Placement testing?
A. Yes, accepted AP scores.

Q. Where can I find information on my major or degree program?
A. Click here for a list of UMSL majors and links to more information on each.

Q. I'm still undecided about my major; which courses should I be taking prior to transferring?
A. Undecided students should focus on completing the requirements of the UMSL general education program. If you attend a local community college, you can find transfer guides here that can help you pick out classes at your current school that will transfer towards these general education requirements. Our Transfer Specialists can also help you in selecting the right courses.

Q. Will UMSL request my transcript or do I need to?
A. UMSL cannot request your transcripts. Transcripts are part of your students record, which is protected by FERPA laws. You will need to contact each school and request that your official transcripts be sent. Some schools may require a completed Transcript Request Form to release transcripts.

Q. Do I need to send transcripts from every school individually?
A. Yes, UMSL requires official transcripts from every school where you have attended for college credit or have earned college credit, even if the credits have been transferred to a later institution. This includes advanced college credit taken while in high school. UMSL will not process your application for admission until all official transcripts have been received. We check the National Student Clearinghouse to verify your enrollment at all schools and will add any schools not listed on your application to those required for admission.

Q. I have my official transcript in a sealed envelope; will this work?
A. Unfortunately, no; it is a University of Missouri system policy that transcripts must be sent direct from the institution to be considered official. Hand delivered transcripts, even if stamped and sealed, are considered unofficial.

Q. Why does UMSL need that transcript; it's not relevant to the degree I am pursuing now?
A. We require a transcript from all schools attended, regardless of the transferability of the credits. UMSL needs your full academic record to determine your admissibility, for accreditation and for financial aid compliance. Once admitted, we then determine how your previous coursework could apply towards your UMSL degree.

Q. UMSL is requesting a transcript from a school where I didn't complete any credit or that I don’t think I attended at all; do I need to send it?
A. We require transcripts from all schools where you enrolled. If a review of the National Student Clearinghouse reveals that you enrolled at another institution, we either need 1) an official transcript listing grades and/or withdrawals for classes in which you enrolled, or 2) a letter of non-enrollment from their Office of the Registrar verifying that you never attempted or completed classes. Your application is considered incomplete and will stay in a “pending” status until we receive this proof of enrollment. Please contact the Office of Admissions for more details.

Q. The school I attended is no longer open; how to I request transcripts?
A. If the school you attended has many campuses or locations, contact the main campus to request your transcript. If not, or if all locations have closed down, contact the Missouri Department of Higher Education.

Q. Will you contact me when my transcript has arrived?
A. No. However, once all of your transcripts arrive, UMSL will process your application and then contact you about your admission by both mail and email.

Q. Why is MyView is asking me for my high school transcript even though I’ve completed over 24 hours of credit?
A. Once we receive your official college transcripts and verify that you do have 24 or more completed, transferable, college-level credit hours, the request for your high school records will be removed.