Our Student Interactive Learning Series is geared towards helping you to identify the skills and implement effective practices that lead to success.  As a college student, you may find yourself challenged in one way or another; however, TEAM SRS is here to support you and help you to develop success-centered behaviors to achieve your goals!

Topics Include:

  • Identifying & Accessing Support Resources!
  • Discovering Your Learning Style with Style!
  • Study Skills Boot Camp!
  • Putting Your Best Pen Forward: Effective Note Taking!
  • Time & Stress Management!
  • What Does My Professor Want From Me?!? Faculty 411!
  • Test Taking Strategies & Test Anxiety!
  • Facing Your Fear of Math!
  • Being Successful in Online Classes!
  • The Balancing Act: Family & Academic Commitments!
  • Academic Standing?!? Wait...What is That?!?
  • Winning the Proscrastination Battle!
  • Effective Communication in College!
  • Understanding Your Course Syllabus: Keys to Success!
  • Active Reading: Strategies to Improve Course Learning!
  • Academic Advising: Your Pathway to Degree Completion!



All events are hosted in MSC 225