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UMSL Ambassadors

The UMSL Ambassador program is an award-winning volunteer organization of the University of Missouri–St. Louis. Ambassadors are current students whose primary purpose is to represent and promote a positive image of the university by assisting the Office of University Events throughout the year.

: Being an UMSL Ambassador gives students the opportunity to interact with community and university leaders, while working with other UMSL students with similar goals. Being an UMSL Ambassador allows students to cultivate their communication skills, leadership abilities, and professional skills for future career opportunities.

Requirements: An UMSL Ambassador must be an exemplary citizen of the campus community an be a current UMSL student maintaining a cumulative 2.7 GPA. Monthly meetings are held for trainings and educational seminars. An UMSL Ambassador must commit to volunteering for a minimum 3 events each semester, in addition to 2 December and 3 May commencement ceremonies, unless it is your own graduation weekend.

Events: Below are just some of the events an UMSL Ambassador has the opportunity to volunteer for:

…Much More!!!

Become an Ambassador!
 Applications for the 2018-2019 school year will open in August 2018. Check back for more information at that time. 

Questions? Contact University Events, 314-516-5442 or


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