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Council (term)

Standing Committee Chairs 2005-2006

President Mary Brown (FY06)
Information Technology Services, 127 SCCB, X6016

Communications Margaret O'Connor

Vice President/ President Elect Joann Wilkinson (FY06)
Managerial & Technological Services, 324 WH, X5301

Legislative Concerns Talia Gholson

Secretary/ Treasurer Debbie Braun (FY06)
Continuing Education & Outreach, 318 LH, X5919

Membership Betsy Sampson

University Assembly representative MaryBeth Creason (FY06)
Degree Audit Reporting System, 232 MSC, X6814

Nominations/ Elections Mary Ellen Heckel

University Assembly representative Mattie Lewis (FY06)
Continuing Education & Outreach, 203 JCP, X5655

Program Rachel Sommerer

Assembly Committee: Administrator Evaluation Elizabeth Sampson (FY06)
Graduate School, 421 WH, X5900

Welfare David Maczynski

Assembly Committee: Physical Facl. & Gen. Services Randy Lahl (FY06)
Graphic Services, 261 GSB, X5235

Assembly Committee: Information Technology Dave Gellman (FY06)
Information Technology Services, 214D LH, X4630

Assembly Committee: Information Technology Holli Kubly (FY06)
Information Technology Services, 214C LH, X6196

Assembly Committee (Ad Hoc): University Relations Advisory Cindy Vantine (FY06)
University Relations, 440 WH, X5442

Unit: Gen. Services, Touhill Center
Representatives: Vicki Galvin & Talia Gholson (FY05-FY06)

Vicki Galvin
Graphic Services, 261 GSB, X5233

Talia Gholson
Human Resources, 222 GSB, X5237

Unit: Lucas Hall, Clark Hall, Fine Arts Bldg.
Representatives: Kathy Burney-Miller & Ruthann Perkins (FY05-FY06)

Kathy Burney-Miller
Biology, X6204

Ruthann Perkins
Dean Arts & Sciences, 307 LH, X5404
Unit: U. Center, J.C. Penney
Representative: Ann Larsen (FY05-FY06)
Cont. Educ. & Outreach, 207 JCP, X5948
Unit Rep: Benton Hall, Stadler Hall, Research Bldg., Chanc. Res., T.J. Library, Center for Molecular Electronics
Representative: Angela Thomas (FY05-FY06)
UMSL/Wash U. Engineering, 228 BH, X5311
Unit: Woods Hall, Music Bldg., Alumni Center, U. Conference Center & Inn
Representative: Mary Ellen Heckel (FY05-FY06)
Graduate School, 421 WH, X5898
Unit: SSB/Tower
Representative: Karen Bewig (FY05-FY06)
College of Business, 487 SSB, X5979
Unit: Millennium Student Center
Representatives: Mitch Hess, Jerry Hoffman & Rachel Sommerer (FY05-FY06)
Mitch Hess
Cashiers Office, 289 MSC, X6608
Jerry Hoffman
Admissions, 351 MSC, X5719

Rachel Sommerer
Student Support Services, 144 MSC, X6551

Unit: Computer Center Building
Representative: Deloris Licklider
Mathematics and Computer Science, 310 CCB, X6355
Unit: South Campus
Representatives: David Maczynski & Margaret O'Connor (FY06-FY07)

David Maczynski
Information Technology Services, 144 SCCB, X7636

Margaret O'Connor
Nursing & Health Services, 113 NAB, X6017

Third South Campus representative position is currently vacant.

Unit: Mark Twain, Police Station, Reginal Center for Education and Work
Representative: Doug Boyer (FY05-FY06)
Athletics, 25 MT, X5642