Watch UMSL students describing their experiences living on our active and exciting campus!

  • Conveniently Accessible: Walk, drive, or shuttle/ride to classes, libraries, computer labs, activities, events, recreational centers, study groups, professors and other student resources.
  • 24/7 Security: 24-hour desk, card access system and police substation nearby.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Students living on campus typically do better academically than students who commute, become more involved with campus life, and show greater gains in student development and interpersonal self-esteem.
  • Leadership Opportunities: Residence Hall Association, Residential Assistants, Student Government, and many other opportunities around campus.
  • Friendships: Countless opportunities to meet new people and develop lasting friendships through various social, educational and recreational events. There will always be someone around to hang out with.
  • Diverse Cultural Experience: Students participate in educational, cultural, recreational and social activities to enhance their college experience.
  • Independence: Students gain a sense of independence as they live on their own for the first time while learning to live and interact with their peers.
  • Work On Campus: UMSL employs student workers in virtually every capacity. Work hours are planned around the student's schedule, so students get on-the-job experience without sacrificing class and study time.
  • Historical and Natural Beauty: The university’s mixture of historical buildings surrounded by rolling hills and greenery is truly a beautiful place to live and learn.
  • No worries about paying monthly rent, bills, etc.
  • No Commuting Hassles!