Villa Hall is a three-story residence hall that can accommodate more than 75 students. Villa Hall is for undergraduate or graduate students aged 21 or older or who have completed 60 credit hours. For students living in Villa Hall this environment will allow you to make close friends with those who are all upperclassman and focused on their varying academic programs.

Villa Hall has single bedrooms with several bathroom options. Like other traditional residence halls, each floor features communal showers and restrooms with enclosed stalls. Unique to Villa Hall, however, are private half baths, shared half baths, and shared full bathrooms attached between adjoining rooms (Jack and Jill).


Villa Hall Amenities:

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Floor Plans:
Here are three examples of the rooms available in Villa Hall. Dimensions for rooms will vary with availability. All rooms are fully furnished with an XL twin bed, bed frame, desk, dresser, micro-fridge, closet and sink.  For pictures of the hall, visit our Facebook page and take a photo tour.

Standard Single

First Floor, Small Single, Enclosed Restroom
Enclosed RR

Second Floor, Small Single, Shared Restroom
Shared RR

2015-2016 Academic Year Pricing (For the 10 months of August 2015 to May 2016)*

Vill Cost

Villa North Cost

         To download or print a copy of the 2015-2016 housing contract, please follow this link