It's great to have you in the residence halls. We hope this guide will assist you in your transition to your new "hall home".

Please review our Move-In Checklist for a handy guide to what you can and cannot bring to the Halls.

Must Haves:

Feel Free to Bring:

Please Do Not Bring:

If you have any questions regarding what you can and cannot bring, please call 314-516-6877


Each residence hall room is thoroughly inventoried prior to your arrival. You will be able to review this inventory when you check in the halls. Any alterations, changes, and/or damages to the room found after the original inventory is signed may be billable to the resident's UMSL account. It is important to remember:

On DOORS: Only one line of adhesive and/or hooks are acceptable for use on doors in the residence halls. 3M manufactures a line of plastic hooks designed to minimize or eliminate wall damage. The product line is COMMAND. The hooks are reusable. Use of any other adhesive or hook product will likely result in a damage assessment.

On WALLS: For posters without frames, use pushpins. For framed art, use small nails. Small hanging nails can be used to hang other items on your room's walls. You can have a maximum of eight nail holes in your wall before being assessed an excessive wall repair fee.

These Items Will Damage Rooms and are Prohibited:

Other Important Considerations:

Smoking is not allowed inside the buildings or on any university property. For more about the university's policy, click here.

No pets except fish in tanks no larger than five gallons. No mice, rats, snakes, lizards, hamsters, gerbils, birds, or other species that might be kept in such an enclosure.

Students aged 21 and older are permitted to have alcohol within their own rooms. For more specific information, please see the current community guide. Violations of the alcohol and other drug policies may result in expulsion from the residential halls.

Limited parking is near each hall. All vehicles must display a valid UMSL parking permit. The free campus shuttle serves all halls.