If you notice pests in your apartment, immediately contact the custodian supervisor, Renee Crothers, at 314-516-4563 to report the pest issues.  Don’t forget to mention your hall, suite and/or room number. 

Bedbug Policy

The staff of Residential Life & Housing is committed to an effective and efficient response to residents who suspect they may have bedbugs. For the safety and comfort of all residents living in the room and/or suites, our staff will adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. As soon as a resident suspects that he/she may have bedbugs, they should contact the Office at 314-516-6877. If another administrator, staff member, or office learns of a potential bedbug problem, their first call should be to Residential Life Main Office.
  2. Our office will notify an exterminator to perform a thorough inspection of the room and/or suite in question. Please note that should a resident notify our office on a weekend, holiday, or after hours the exterminator will be contacted on the next work day. It is recommended that the resident contact our offices as early on a regular business day as possible. The exterminator cannot be dispatched on weekends or holidays.
    • Residents will NOT be granted an immediate temporary room change. This is done to prevent the spread of bedbugs if they are found to be in the student’s room and belongings. This is CRUCIAL in prevention.
    • Residents are not allowed to remove items from the room and/or suite in question and place items  in a public area. Residents are also prohibited from going to a friend’s or neighbor’s room and/or suite within Residential Life & Housing while bedbugs exist or are suspected inside their room and/or suite. Again this is CRUCIAL so that we can prevent the spread of bedbugs. You will only spread them to your friend’s or neighbor’s room and/or suite.
  3. Residents may not, at any time, deny the exterminator or Residential Life & Housing staff access to their living space. Exterminator Findings:
    • If the exterminator finds that there are no bedbugs present in the resident’s room and/or suite, then no further action will be taken. The resident will be asked to continue monitoring his/her living space, and to notify our office immediately if there are further problems.
    • If the exterminator concludes that bedbugs are present in the room and/or suite, our staff will provide the affected resident(s) with a detailed list of instructions for the removal and laundering of their personal items. Residential Life & Housing will not assist with cost of laundry.
    • Only the exterminator can confirm or deny the presence of bedbugs – NOT any outside person.
  4. Bedbugs are a serious community issue, and ALL residents are expected to comply with all instructions given to them once bedbugs have been confirmed within their living space.

Bedbug FAQ

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To learn more about bedbugs, go to the Mayo Clinic’s website: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/bedbugs/DS00663