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Kate Alexander, Oak Hall and Villa Hall Director
kate alexander
Getting to see students transform into successful UMSL students and help them success in meeting their goals
Phone: 314-516-4774
Address: 1 University Blvd.
            Oak Hall 119
            St. Louis, MO 63121

Zack Nenaber - Senior Residential Advisor of Front Desk Operations 
Zack N
 Renee Cisar - Senior Residential Advisor of events and programming
Cisar, renee
Katie Hatcher - Senior Office Assistant
Katie Hatcher

Mary Von Holten - Senior Peer Mentor
von holten, mary

Noreen Chihora - Resident Advisor
Noreen C

Tyler Czarnecki - Residential Advisor   
Tyler C
Jena Doering - Residential Advisor
Jena D

Marissa Dvorak - Residential Advisor
Marissa D

Ryan Ely - Resident Advisor
Ryan E

Mimi Hatches - Resident Advisor
Mimi H

Mel Fagerlin - Resident Advisor
fagerlin, mel

Jessica Kerans - Resident Advisor
Jessica K

Michael Opich - Resident Advisor
Michael O

Jennifer Miller - Resident Advisor
miller, jennifer

Melissa Schnefke - Resident Advisor
Melissa S

Tia Tolson- Resident Advisor
Tia T

Spencer Youngblood- Resident Advisor for Villa
Spencer Y

Megan Benjamin - Succeed Peer Advisor
Megan B

Maritza Fuentes - Peer Mentor

fuentes, maritza

Teighlor Barnes - Peer Mentor
Teighlor B

Anna Glushko - Peer Mentor
Anna G

Joseph Hendricks - Peer Mentor
Joe H

Katie Kratzer - Peer Mentor
Katie K

Benjamin Luczak - Peer Mentor
Ben L

Julia Njau - Peer Mentor
Julia N

Hollie Thole - Peer Mentor
Hollie T