Residential Advisors
Residential Advisors: Melissa Roth, Jena Doering, Rebekah Cripe, Melody Velius,
Melissa Schnefke, Andrew Clote, Peter Billing, Maritza Fuentes, Jessica Kerans,
Mary (Mimi) Hatches , Katryn Dierksen, Riann Rikard, Howard Stamps III,
Joseph Hendricks
Kate Alexander, Oak Hall and Villa Hall Director
kate alexander
Getting to see students transform into successful UMSL students and help them success in meeting their goals
Phone: 314-516-4774
Address: 1 University Blvd.
                 Oak Hall 119
                 St. Louis, MO 63121
Benjamin Luzack - Senior Residential Advisor of Front Desk Operations 
Benjamn L
Melanie Farglin - Senior Residential Advisor of events and programming
Melanie Farglin
Aichatou Konte - Senior Office Assistant
Aichatou Konte

Mary Von Holten - Senior Peer Mentor
von holten, mary