At the University of Missouri–St. Louis, students have many opportunities to grow, challenge themselves, and become the successful young adults they have set out to be. There is no experience that compares to that of living on-campus. It’s one that builds character and independence for each of our students. With all that it has to offer, it’s no wonder the students at UMSL are eager to take advantage of our residential living opportunities. On-campus living fosters a sense of inclusion and belonging among students at the university.

UMSL students who live on campus also have a GPA that is higher on average than other students, due to the academic support found within Residential Life and Housing.

Benefits of Living in University Housing

Student housing – Only UMSL students are allowed to live on campus. Living on campus offers a great opportunity to meet other students, study together, and enjoy living in St. Louis with fellow American and International students.

Location – All university housing is located on-campus, within walking distance to class and on the campus shuttle route for classes on each campus.

Furnishings – Many rooms on campus come fully furnished, letting you settle into your room right away!

Housing Staff – All residential halls have staff on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any problems with your room and other concerns. When you have a question, they will be able to answer right away!

Housing Billed to Student Account – University housing (except for University Meadows) will be billed to your student account, making it very easy to pay your housing bill through Peer Transfer.

Campus Police On Call – When there is an emergency in Residential Halls, the Campus Police are the first on the scene. The fully-accredited Campus Police are dedicated to students, and make UMSL’s campus and Residential Halls one of the safest academic communities in the State of Missouri.

Family Friendly – For our apartment housing, we welcome families of students – spouse and children – to live on campus.

UMSL Shuttle Stop – All university housing has a campus shuttle stop for both the campus shuttle that operates between North and South Campuses, as well as the shopping shuttles that take students to various shopping locations around St. Louis.

Residential Housing Comparison

Oak Hall Mansion Hill Apartments University Meadows Apartments Villa Hall and
Villa North Hall
Eligibility First Year Undergraduate Undergraduate and Graduate over 21 Undergraduate and Graduate Undergraduate over 21
Location South Campus North Campus South Campus South Campus
Bedroom 4 Bedroom Suite 1 or 2 Bedrooms 1-4 Bedrooms 1-2 Bedrooms
Bathroom Shared Suite Bathroom 1 bedroom: Private bathroom
2 bedroom: Shared bathroom
1 bedroom: Private bathroom
2-4 bedroom: Shared bathroom
Shared bathroom
Kitchen Shared hall kitchen Private kitchen Private kitchen Shared hall kitchen
Campus police
on call?
Yes Yes Yes Yes
UMSL Shuttle stop? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Meal Plan Required? Yes No No Yes