This is a listing of all newsletters, past and present, with the current one listed first. Below each date of the newsletter will be a brief overview of that particular newsleter.

November 2012

  • Vendor Fair November 14, 2012
  • Reminder: Procedures for obtaining approvals per the BPM 1204
  • BPM 1204 Approval - Quick Reference Guide
  • New Surplus Property WebData Software
  • Reminder: P-card Change & Cancellation Form now available in Outlook
  • Updated List of Show-Me Shop Suppliers

December 2011

  • New Faces in Procurement Services
  • Requisition Reminders
  • Vendor Changes in Show-Me Shop
  • Submitting P-Card Statements to ImageNow
  • Important Information About the Attention Field on Requisitions
  • Shopper-Only Role
  • AP/PO Quick Reference Guide Updated
  • Confirming Orders are Unauthorized Purchases
  • New System Wide Agreement with Cintas
  • Procurement Hotline

April 2011

  • Fiscal Year 2011 Closing Schedule
  • TLM(New discounted shipping company)
  • New Sole Source Justification Online in PeopleSoft
  • New Show-Me Shop Vendor
  • Sho-Me-Shop Vendors and Associated Information
  • Contracts available for all campuses
  • Procurement Forms Available online
  • Hotline vs Security Form
  • Procurement Hotline

January 2011

  • Staples Eway Website no longer available for use
  • Crescent Electric Supply now available in Show-Me Shop
  • Changes to Business Policy on BPM-1204 IT & Telecommunications Purchases
  • Contracts available for all campuses
  • Unauthorized Purchases puts the University at risk
  • Provide Complete Vendor Information in Req Comments
  • Procurement Forms Available Online
  • Obtaining Information on Show-Me Shop Suppliers
  • Procurement Hotline
  • Enterprise Enhances University Contract