The Office of Printing Services provides more than 50 convenience copiers that are located throughout the campus. Most copiers are card-operated. Some are coin-operated.

Cards for convenience copiers are for sale in three locations:

* Office of Printing Services, 261 General Services Building
* Thomas Jefferson Library, third floor
* Ward E. Barnes Library

Call 314-516-5233 or send a message to for more information.

Card for convenience copiersCopier locations

315 Benton Hall
517 Benton Hall

541 Clark Hall

209 Education Administration Building

201 Fine Arts Building

261 General Services Building

254 Marillac Hall
354 Marillac Hall
469 Marillac Hall

225 Mark Twain Athletic & Fitness Center

Hallway, Millennium Student Center (coin only)

211 Music Building

125 Normandie Hall

223 Research Building

Lobby, Regional Center for Education and Work

366 Social Sciences & Business Building

807 Social Sciences & Business Building Tower

121 South Campus Classrooms Building
203 South Campus Classrooms Building

326 Stadler Hall
453 Stadler Hall

3rd floor, Thomas Jefferson Library (card and coin)
5th floor, Thomas Jefferson Library (card and coin)

Ward E. Barnes Library (card and coin)

208 William L. Clay Center for Nanoscience

321 Woods Hall
448 Woods Hall