The University looks forward to working with your company. UMSL collaborates with industry in a variety of ways, from sponsored course projects to R&D and technology licensing. If you can't find the resources or information you need here, please email or call us (314-516-6884).

Contact Tamara Wilgers ( for information on our latest available discoveries. Also visit the following:

Innovative Technology Enterprises at UMSL (ITE)

ITE - Innovative Technology Enterprises at UMSL

ITE is a small business incubator that supports innovation in a variety of fields including IT and life sciences, providing the physical, mentoring, business development and computational resources required for startup companies to grow. Featuring both wet- and dry-lab facilities, office space and a high-performance computing center (HPCC) staffed by on-site Ph.D. scientists, ITE provides the expertise to help startups solve fundamental R&D and business development issues including those that require sophisticated computational resources. UMSL owns and operates ITE. Contact Dr. William Lemon at 314-824-2002.
Contact us to discuss R&D collaborations with UMSL faculty, non-disclosure agreements to protect intellectual property during initial conversations, and material transfer agreements to transfer biological and other materials. Email or call 314-516-6884.