UM Internal Funding Opportunities

Both the UM System and UMSL offer various internal funding opportunities as described below. 

UM FastTrack Funding provides funding to achieve technical milestones critical for moving a technology down the commercialization pathway. This funding helps bridge the gap in development between the early stage technology and the point at which the technology is sufficiently validated for commercial application. The objective of the FastTrack program is to maximize the impact of research innovations by facilitating their path to market.

FastTrack Phase I funding allows researchers to carry out development, testing, or prototype construction of an existing technology and establish its technical merit and potential for commercialization. Funds are not to be used for basic research but to validate the technology through the achievement of technical milestones that will result in a stronger, more commercializable technology.

AMOUNT: Up to $50,000 

Applications Due to Tamara Wilgers: March 6, 2017

FastTrack Web Site  |  Email for More Info

UM Research Board Award Funding

Designed to enhance the long-term quality and quantity of scholarship throughout the UM System by supporting meritorious research projects. An important goal is to leverage external funds by supporting promising new faculty and funding high quality new initiatives of senior faculty.

AMOUNT: $3,000 to $75,000 for individual or collaborative projects

Applications Due: October 11, 2016, and February 14, 2017

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The UM Spinal Cord Injury Research Program provides "seed" grants of up to $250,000 per award for research projects in Missouri that deal with spinal cord injuries or acquired/congenital diseases of the spinal cord. A major purpose of the grants is to encourage young investigators and those new to the field to do exploratory research and test new ideas, with the expectation that the most promising will justify more substantial support from external funding agencies, either public or private. 

AMOUNT: Up to $250,000

Applications Due: Rolling Deadline
Award Notification: After 2-3 month review

SCIRP Web Site Email for More Info

UMSL Junior Faculty Travel Grants 

AMOUNT: Up to $1,000 for expenses to attend professional conferences at which the applicant will be making a presentation

Applications Due: Date To Be Announced


UMSL Research Awards

Designed to strengthen faculty research and creative activities. A significant portion of the funds available for faculty research support is based on F&A cost recovery from externally funded grants and contracts. In order to perpetuate the fund, one purpose of the Research Awards is to support faculty whose competitive position for external funding will be improved by such assistance. Awards also are given to help faculty in all disciplines maintain an active research program, even if external funding is difficult to obtain. Special consideration, particularly for summer research support, is given to junior faculty to assist them in establishing a strong research record.

AMOUNT: $1,000 – $12,500

Applications Due: March 22, 2017

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