Innovation Campus

Innovation Campus St. Louis is a new program established with the support of funding from the state of Missouri designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • accelerating the time to achieve a college degree,
  • providing applied learning experiences for students,
  • lowering the cost for students to complete a degree, and
  • graduating students with no debt and direct access to a job.

A regional collaboration including Innovate St. Louis, UMSL, St. Louis Community College, along with several high schools and businesses was formed to kick off Innovation Campus St. Louis. Students are currently being admitted for the 2014 program, in which students will work toward a bachelor's degree in Information Systems.

The curriculum, developed with the input of the program's business partners, is outcome driven and performance based integrating classroom learning along with programs such as Global Game Jam, the world's largest game-programing event, and Xtreme IT, a week-long summer program in which high school students are exposed to a range of IT applications. Students will have the opportunity to intern with one of the program business partners including Appistry Inc., Equifax Inc., Spry Digital and Unisys. The business partners have committed to hiring interns and certain numbers of graduates from the Innovation Campus program.

Innovation Campus St. Louis is looking for high school students who are interested in computer information systems. For more information, visit the Innovation Campus website or call 314-516-5899.