To promote the professional development of the students, faculty, and staff of the University of Missouri-St. Louis, the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (OEOD) offers the University community a number of formal and informal educational opportunities throughout each academic year. Register for Professional Development Workshops

On-line Training
To learn how to access UM-System online training for Preventing Sexual Harassment (PSH) or Preventing Employment Discrimination (PED), click here.

The OEOD offers workshops on topics including sexual harassment, disability awareness, cultural competency and diversity, and academic search procedures.

In addition to the online course, we can design a custom workshop for your department to help participants develop an awareness of behaviors that could potentially violate the University's Sexual Harassment Policy in both the workplace and classroom. To request a special session for your class/department, contact Deborah Burris or call 314-516-5695.

Course will include:

  • Reviewing incidence data of sexual harassment on college campuses
  • Defining sexual harassment
  • Identifying behaviors that may constitute sexual harassment
  • Increasing knowledge of sexual harassment law and the University of Missouri Policy and Procedures on Sexual Harassment
  • Analyzing the impact of sexual harassment on those involved
  • Learning constructive confronting techniques
  • What is a "disability"?
  • What is a "reasonable accommodation"?
  • What should an employee do if they think they need a reasonable accommodation?
  • What should a manager do if an employee asks for a reasonable accommodation?
  • How does a student request academic adjustments/accommodations?

To schedule a workshop, contact the Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity.

This workshop is designed to give participants the opportunity to explore the many differences within human cultures that enhance the workplace. Participants will learn to:

  • Recognize the value of cultural competency/diversity
  • Identify their opinions and feelings about cultural competency
  • Expand individual appreciation of differences
  • Identify potential areas of conflict
  • Discover techniques to increase acceptance of others
  • Manage interpersonal relationships in the workplace more successfully

Contact Deborah Burris at 516-5695 or to arrange for a workshop.


This module offers instructions in the use of the OEOD Hiring Plan forms and laws pertaining to hiring. It is designed to assist users in preparing and implementing unit plans in a more efficient and effective way to enhance the success of the search process. In this session, members of search committees explore ways to make the maximum use of limited recruitment budgets while using affirmative action and equal opportunity techniques. Participants will learn ways to enhance their position postings, interview process and documentation procedures. Search chairs should contact Deborah Burris at 516-5695 or to arrange for the briefing.

The University of Missouri-St. Louis is committed to an inclusive campus community that values and respects all its members and achieves educational excellence through diversity.