Equal Opportunity Policy

Helpful Resources for filling academic positions

Quick Reference Guide for Creating a Job Posting in e-Recruit

Sample for completion of EEO information (e-Recruit)

Search Committee Checklist

Vacancy AnnouncementRRequirements

Position Description Requirements  (to be included in EEO information section of e-Recruit)

HR-110 Interviewing Guidelines

Resources for Recruiting Women and Minorities

Sample Application Evaluation Form

Sample Application Criteria Grid

Waiver Request Form  (please include Provost Authorization form, a position description and both ADA forms when requesting a waiver; email to falconk@umsl.edu)  Note: If considering a Waiver request, please consult with the OEOD (314-516-5695) prior to completing this form.

ADA Essential Functions Form

ADA Compliance Form

Provost Authorization Form

Forms for filling part-time faculty positions:

Filling Part-Time Academic Vacancies - (Click for instructions)

Academic "Pool Maintenance" Report

Academic "Pool" Selection Report  (please include a position description and both the ADA forms, above, with this form; email to falconk@umsl.edu)

Position Description Requirements

Vacancy Announcement Requirements