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SL: 7/5/12 CONTINUING EDUCATION-EXTENSION Archaelogical Survey, September, 1993 - March, 1994

Box 1

1. Project Report #118: Preliminary Testing at the David Green Site: (23SL674): A Multicompnent Site Within the Babler Memorial State Park, January, 1994.

2. Project #171: Report of Phase II Testing at Sites 23SL121 and 23SL121 and 23SL652 and Phase I Survey at Site 23SL654, Simpson Materials Company Quarry, January 1994.

3. Project #174: Cultural Resources Review and Reconnaissance Survey along the Western Portion of the Central Mississippi River Valley, St. Louis and Jefferson Counties, Missouri, December, 1993.

4. Project #185: Cultural Resource Survey of a Proposed Dougherty Ferry Woods Subdivision in Valley Park, September, 1993.

5. Project Report #198: Cultural Resource Survey of the Proposed Meramec Industrial Park Northeastern Franklin County, Missouri, March, 1994.

In same box as SL: 7/5/5; 7/5/6; 7/5/7; and 7/5/8

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