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SL: 1/57/1 Sue Shear Institute for Women in Public Life files, 1996-2007

Box 1

1. Dedication of Institute, 11/19/98 (includes letter from U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg)
2. Sue Shear biography, articles, tributes, obituaries, memorial service remarks by Governor Carnahan


3. Inside Scoop--Boards & Commissions, 2/20/98 (includes vhs copy of program)
4. Legislative Candidate Training, 8/29/98
5. Legislative Candidate Training, evaluations
6. Mock Legislation
7. New Leadership Midwest, 1997-1998
8. Pipeline to Politics
9. Twenty First Century Leadership Training, 1998
10. Twenty First Century Leadership Training-invitations
11. Twenty First Century Leadership Training-Keynote Dinner
12. Twenty First Century Leadership Training-Press Releases, Negatives, Proofs
13. Twenty First Century Leadership Training-Faculty Biographies
14. Women's Summit, 1996
15. Women's Summit, 1998
16. "When Women Lead the Way" curriculum
17. Missouri Legislation Articles


18. Woman Watch, 1997-2007
Audio Tapes

Sue Shear/Vivian Eveloff
Sue Shear and Marion Cairns
Sue Shear and Joan Bray
Vivian Eveloff and Harriett Woods
Sue Shear, Steve Vossmeyer, Wayne Goode
Carolyn Losos


RC Location # 053101