Downloading EBSCO eBooks


The EBSCO eBooks platform offers the option to download most of their eBooks for use offline.  The initial setup requires a multi-step process.  Please choose from the following depending on the capabilities of your device:

After setting up your computer/tablet/e-reader, future downloads will just require you to sign in to your EBSCO account and download the book before transferring it to your device.  If you use a different computer or device, you may need to install the software and input your Adobe ID again.

There may be other ways you can transfer files using manufacturer-supplied software (such as software for Amazon Kindles and iTunes for iOS devices).  Please consult your device documentation and the EBSCO eBooks help pages.  Also, while most of the EBSCO books are in a Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected PDF format, some may also be available in the DRM protected EPUB format.  EPUB formatted titles are often easier to use on tablets and e-readers because the text size and formatting can be changed to better fit the device.  Note: Windows users must use a version of Internet Explorer that is version 9 or higher to view an EPUB book on your computer (but you may be able to use an earlier version if you are downloading to a tablet/reader). 

Once the loan period expires, the book will no longer open and should be removed (using Adobe Digital Editions or the Bluefire Reader) to recover the storage space on your device.  Unfortunately, with Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), even after you remove them using ADE you may also need to manually delete old files from the ADE directory (usually My Documents\My Digital Editions\ on Windows systems).  See the ADE site for help and more information.

If you run into any problems, please refer to the EBSCO eBooks help page for FAQs, Help Sheets, User Guides and Tutorials.

If you cannot get the downloaded book(s) to work with your device, please remember that the EBSCO eBooks can always be read online by clicking the "eBook Full Text" link.