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University of Missouri Board of Curators

Terms Expire January 1, 2007
Thomas E. Atkins, B.S., Columbia
Angela M. Bennett, J.D., Kansas City
Anne C. Ream, O.D., West Plains

Terms Expire January 1, 2009
Marian H. Cairns, Webster Groves
Cheryl D.S. Walker, St. Louis
Don Walsworth, Marceline

Terms Expire January 1, 2011
John M. Carnahan III, Springfield
Doug Russell, Lebanon
David G. Wasinger, St. Louis

Student Representative
Maria Curtis, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Central Administration

Elson S. Floyd Ph.D., President
Stephen W. Lehmkuhle, Ph.D., Senior Vice President for  Academic Affairs
Natalie Krawitz, M.S., Vice President for Finance and Administration
Stephen C. Knorr, Vice President for Government Relations
R. Kenneth Hutchinson, M.S., Vice President for Human Resources
John C. Gardner, Vice President for Research And Economic Development
Marvin E. Wright, General Counsel
Kathleen M. Miller, Secretary to the Board

Presidents Emeriti
Melvin George, Ph.D.
George Russell, Ph.D.
Thomas F. George, Ph.D., Chancellor, University of Missouri-St. Louis
John F. Carney III, Ph.D., University of Missouri-Rolla
Brady Deaton, Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia
Guy H. Bailey, Ph.D., University of Missouri-Kansas City

University of Missouri-St. Louis
Thomas F. George, Ph.D.
Glen H. Cope, Ph.D.

Vice Chancellors
Glen H. Cope, Ph.D., Academic Affairs
Reinhard Schuster, M.S., Administrative Services
James M. Krueger, D.B.A., C.P.A., CGFM, Managerial and Technological Services
Dixie Kohn, Ph.D., University Relations
Thomas K. Eschen, M.A., Development
Vice Provosts
Nasser Arshadi, Ph.D., Research Administration
Curtis C. Coonrod, M.A., Student Affairs
Chancellor Emeritus
Arnold B.Grobman, Ph.D.
Blanche M. Touhill, Ph.D.

Mark Burkholder, Ph.D., College of Arts and Science
Keith Womer, Ph.D, College of Business Administration
Charles Schmitz, Ph.D., College of Education
John Hylton, D.Ed., College of Fine Arts and Communication
William Darby, Ph.D., UM-St. Louis/Washington University Joint Engineering Program
Judith Walker de Felix, Ph.D., Graduate School
Shirley Martin (interim), Ph.D., Barnes College Of Nursing and Health Studies
Larry Davis, O.D., College of Optometry
Robert M. Bliss, Ph.D., Honors College
Gina Ganahl, (Interim), Continuing Education and Outreach
Amy Arnott, M.A.L.S., Libraries
Deans Emeriti
Shirley A. Martin, Ph.D.
Douglas E. Durand, Ph.D.
William L. Franzen, Ph.D.
Wendell Smith, Ph.D.
Joy E. Whitener, Ed.D
UM-St. Louis Administrative Officers
Thomas F. George, Ph.D., Chancellor
Glen H. Cope, Ph.D., Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Deborah Burris, B.A., Director, Office of Equal Opportunity
Elizabeth Van Uum, M.A., Assistant to the Chancellor for Public Affairs

Academic Affairs
Glen H. Cope, Ph.D., Provost and Vice Chancellor
Margaret W. Cohen, Ph.D.,Associate Provost for Professional Development; Director, Center for Teaching Learning
Judith Walker de Felix, Ph.D., Associate Provost; Dean of the Graduate School
Joel Glassman, Ph.D., Associate Provost; Director, Center for International Studies
Donald Mertz, Ph.D., Director, Center for Academic Development
Diane H. Touliatos-Miles, Ph.D., Director, Center for Humanities
Lawrence Barton, Ph.D., Acting Director, Center for Molecular Electronics
Frank Moss, Ph.D., Director, Center for Neurodynamics
Gwendolyn Deloach-Packnett, M.S.W., Director, Multi-Cultural Relations

Research Administration
Nasser Arshadi, Ph.D., Vice Provost
Marcia B. Mellitz, President, Center for Emerging Technologies
John Fargher Jr., Ph.D., Regional Director, Missouri Enterprise
Mark Tranel, Ph.D., Director, Public Policy Research Center

Student Affairs
Curtis C. Coonrod, M.A., Vice Provost
John A. Kundel, M.A., Associate Vice Provost
Teresa Balestreri, Director, Career Services
M. Sharon Biegen, Ph.D., Director, Counseling Services
Orinthia Montague, M.A., Assistant to the Vice Provost and Acting Director, Student Life
Linda Silman, Acting Registrar
Anthony Georges, Ph.D., Director, Student Financial Aid
Melissa Hattman, B.A., Director, Admissions
Nancy Magnuson, D.S.N., Director, University Health Services

College of Arts and Sciences
Mark Burkholder, Ph.D., Dean
Deborah Baldini, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Continuing Education and Outreach
Sharon D. Clark, M.A., Associate Dean for Undergraduate Student Affairs
Teresa Thiel, Ph.D., Associate Dean
John Mulderig, M.B.A., CPA, Assistant to the Dean
Ruthann Perkins, B.S., Assistant to the Dean

College of Business Administration
Keith Womer, Ph.D., Dean
John J. Anderson, Ph.D., C.P.A., C.M.A., Associate Dean Emeritus
David R. Ganz, M.S., Associate Dean Emeritus
Thomas Eyssell, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Programs in Business
Maggie O'Toole, M.B.A., Director of Business Continuing Education & Outreach

Continuing Education and Outreach
Gina Ganahl, Ph.D., Interim Dean,
Angeline Antonopoulos, M.A., M.B.A., Manager, Marketing and Information
College of Education
Charles Schmitz, Ph.D., Dean
Kathleen Haywood, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Graduate Education
Clark Hickman, Ed.D., Associate Dean for Continuing Education and Outreach
Helene Sherman, Ed.D., Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education
College of Fine Arts and Communication
John Hylton, D.Ed., Dean
Deborah Baldini, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Continuing Education and Outreach
Sharon D. Clark, M.A., Associate Dean

Graduate School
Judith Walker de Felix, Ph.D., Dean and Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Andrew Glassberg, Ph.D., Interim Director, Public Policy Administration Program
Anne Steffen, Ph.D., Director, Gerontology

College of Nursing
Shirley Martin (interim), Ph.D., Dean
Jean Bachman, D.S.N., Director of Doctoral Program
College of Optometry
Larry J. Davis, O.D., Dean
Gerald A. Franzel, O.D., Associate Dean for Continuing Education and E-Learning
Ralph P. Garzia, O.D., Assistant Dean for Clinical Programs
Carl J. Bassi, Ph.D., Director of Research
Edward S. Bennett, M.S.Ed., O.D, Director of Student Services
Alexander D. Harris, M.A., O.D., Director of Externship Programs
Vinita Henry, O.D. Director of Residency Programs
Pierre Laclede Honors College
Robert Bliss, Ph.D., Dean
Nancy Gleason, M.A., Interim Associate Dean and Director of Writing Programs
UM-St. Louis/Washington University JointUndergraduate Engineering Program
William Darby, Ph.D., Dean
Bernard Feldman, Ph.D., Associate Dean
Administrative Services
Reinhard Schuster, M.S., Vice Chancellor
Sam Darandari, M.A., Director, Facilities Planning
Pat Dolan, M.S., Director, Athletics
Lisa Grubbs, Ed.D., Manager University Conferences and Inn
Peter Heithaus, M.Ed. Director, Human Resources
Brenda Hogenkamp, B.S. Assistant to the Vice Chancellor
Frank Kochin, B.S. Director, Facilities Management
Bob Roeseler, B.A., Director, Institutional Safety
Gloria L. Schultz, M.Ed., Director, Auxiliary and Management Services; Manager, Bookstore
Managerial and Technological Services
James M. Krueger, D.B.A., C.P.A., CGFM, Vice Chancellor
Ernest A. Cornford, B.A., Director, Finance
Gloria J. Leonard, M.Ed., Director, Business Services
Jim S.C. Tom, Ph.D., Associate Vice Chancellor for Technology
Lawrence W. Westermeyer, M.S., Director, Institutional Research
Joann Wilkinson, B.S.B.A., Planning and Budgeting Specialist

University Relations
Dixie Kohn, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor
Robert Samples, M.S., Director, University Communications and Marketing
Mark O’Reilly, B.A., Director, Graphics and Printing Services
Colleen Watermon, M.A., Manager, Alumni Relations and Constituent Relations
Lucinda R. Vantine, B.A., Manager, Special Events
Maureen Zegel, B.A., Assistant Director, University Communications

Thomas K. Eschen, M.A., Vice Chancellor
Brenda McPhail, Ph.D., Associate Director

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