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Schoolwide Courses in Education (Educ)

1065 The University (3)
A College of Education interdisciplinary course on the principles, development, and organized structure of the university. Special emphasis will be placed on the role of the university in modern society and upon forces affecting the direction of the university and its potential for change. Methods include outside speakers, discussion groups, and laboratory research on UM-St. Louis.

2204 Special Topics in Education (1-3)
Prerequisites: Completion of 75 hours and consent of instructor. Examination of a special area or topic within the field of education. Topics to be considered will be announced prior to registration and may vary. For elective credit only. This course may be repeated for different topics. Not to exceed a total of six hours credit.

2290 Internship I (6)
Prerequisites: Senior standing and consent of instructor. Field experience in educational setting under university supervision. Includes planning, research, evaluation, and other professional activities in the student's area of concentration.

2291 Internship II (6)
Prerequisite: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in Educ 2290. Continuation of Educ 2290.

2297 Independent Study (1-3)
Prerequisites: Completion of 75 hours and consent of instructor. Independent study through readings, research, reports, and conferences designed to provide depth in areas of study previously introduced in education courses. For elective credit only. May be repeated. Not to exceed a total of three hours credit.

4301 Introduction to Microcomputers in Education (3)
A course designed to introduce individuals to the microcomputer as an instructional medium. The course will emphasize (1) the history, role, and use of microcomputers in education; (2) learning the elements of programming for the microcomputer; and (3) beginning program construction and debugging operations.

5006 Graduate Workshop (1-10)
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

5993 Practicum in Individualized Instruction (3-6)
Prerequisites: Completion of the course(s) to which assigned for instruction and consent of instructor. Supervised instruction in individualized programs. Seminar accompanies instructional experience. May be repeated.

6308 Graduate Institute (1-10)
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

6408 Graduate Seminar (1-10)
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Intensive study of selected issues in education.

6475 Microcomputer Applications in Music Education (3)
Same as Music 5750. Prerequisites: Graduate standing in music. An examination of the potential of microcomputers in the music education field. Experiences with available hardware and software suitable for applications that include inventory, budget, music library cataloging, digital music synthesis, and computer-assisted instruction at all levels.

6476 Microcomputer-Assisted Instruction Curriculum Development in Music (3)
Same as Music 5760. Prerequisites: Graduate standing in music. Design and development of Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI) lessons in music. Commercial courseware and various CAI models will serve as the basis for creating original programs that can be used effectively to implement objectives of the music curriculum for a specific school or school district. The design, refinement, and production of a major CAI program for use in an elementary, secondary, or postsecondary setting is required.

6477 Advanced Microcomputer Application in Music (3)
Same as Music 5770. Prerequisite: Graduate standing in music. The study of complex microcomputer applications including music synthesis, MIDI , music-oriented graphics, voice and pitch recognition, administrative applications, and computer-assisted instruction.

6491 Staff Development and Professional Growth (1-10)
Designed in conjunction with an individual school district or educational agency and related to problems of education confronting that specific district or agency.

6998 Thesis Research (1-10)
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor

7050 The Research Process I: Framing Research Questions within the Education Literature (3)
An overview of the essential elements of research proposals and familiarization with the techniques and tools used to identify significant research questions within the education literature. Emphasis is placed on exploring the research literature and both framing and justifying research questions within that literature.

7414 Common Doctoral Seminar(s) (3)
Prerequisite: Admission to the doctoral program. Two Educ 7414 seminars are required for all doctoral students, for a total of six hours of Educ 7414 seminar credit. One, "Elements of Educational Leadership," is to be taken early in the program. The other, "Research: Implementing Change in Educational Systems," is to be taken following completion of the research courses identified in the student's approved program.

7415 Emphasis Area Seminar(s) (3)
Prerequisite: Admission to the doctoral program. All doctoral students are required to take at least two emphasis area seminars consistent with their programs. Students may take additional emphasis area seminars. Obtain a list of emphasis area seminars from the office of graduate studies in education.

7495 Doctoral Research Tools (1-6)
Prerequisites: Ed Rem 6710. Structured individual or small group instructional or supervised investigative experience in and with a specific research skill and/or procedure that will be needed in the production of a doctoral dissertation. May not substitute for any existing graduate courses that cover same research tool skills.

7880 Research Internship I (3)
Prerequisite: Nine hours of research methods or statistics and consent of instructor. Supervised experience in the conduct of research studies or scholarly inquiry.

7881 Research Internship II (3)
Prerequisite: Educ 7880 and consent of instructor. Supervised experience in the conduct of research studies or scholarly inquiry.

7882 Research Internship III (3)
Prerequisite: Educ 7881 and consent of instructor. Supervised experience in the conduct of research studies or scholarly inquiry.

7950 The Research Process II: Developing and Refining Education Research Proposals (3)
Prerequisites: Completion of 6 hours of ED REM courses numbered 7771 or higher. An in depth examination of the essential elements of a research proposal. Particular emphasis is placed on examining the validity and reliability or the trustworthiness of the design of the proposed research. Tools for identifying research strengths and weaknesses are applied to proposals. Presentation of a written proposal and oral defense of that proposal are required.

7999 Dissertation Research (1-12)
Prerequisite: Admission to the doctoral program.

Credit awarded only upon successful defense of the dissertation.

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