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Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Management

The Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is an 18-hour program designed to provide a focused, intensive study of important issues within logistics and, more broadly, in supply chain management. Three required courses provide thorough background in operations, logistics, and supply chain management. Three elective courses allow specialization in areas such as logistics and supply chain software, international logistics, operations research, e-commerce, and quality.

Students must complete the following six courses or approved substitutes if course waivers are appropriate:

Required Courses:
LOM 5320, Production and Operations Management
LOM 5330, Business Logistics Systems
MKT 5770, Supply Chain Management

Nine additional hours (generally 3 courses) from:
LOM 5326, Quality Management
LOM 5350, Management Science Methods
LOM 5312 , Advanced Statistical Methods for Management Decisions
LOM 5354, Simulation for Managerial Decision Making
LOM 6354, Advanced Operations Research Topics
LOM 5322, Lean Production
LOM 5381, International Logistics and Operations Management
LOM 5332, Logistics and Supply Chain Modeling
LOM 6360, Advanced Logistics & Operations Management Applications
IS 6835, Electronic Commerce
IS 6833, Decision Support System
BA 5333, Topics in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
BA 5301, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
BA 5198, Seminar in Business Administration*
BA 5299, Individual Research*

*Subject to approval of the chair of the Logistics & Supply Chain Management Committee

Substitute courses must be approved by the chair of the Logistics & Supply chain Management Committee and the Director of Graduate Studies in Business. In all cases, 18 hours are needed to complete the Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

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