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Alumni and Constituent Relations Office http://www.umsl.edu/services/ur/alum/
UM-St. Louis alumni, now numbering more than 62,000, help shape the future of not only the university but the entire St. Louis region. The Alumni Association and the Office of Alumni and Constituent Relations work together to promote the St. Louis campus and build mutually beneficial relations between the university and its alumni and friends. Membership in the Alumni Association is open to all graduates and former students with payment of modest dues.

Alumni Association http://www.umsl.edu/services/ur/alum/alumassoc/index.htm
The Alumni Association sponsors several scholarship funds for UM-St. Louis undergraduate and graduate students, provides special funding of certain campus projects, and works as an organization to obtain increased public support for the university. For more information, call (314) 516-5833.

A historic and elegant setting, the Alumni Center, located at 7956 Natural Bridge Road across the street from the main campus entrance, offers students, faculty, staff, and alumni a gathering place for community receptions and other social events. Contact the Alumni Center at (314) 516-5722 for more information and reservations.

Career Services http://www.umsl.edu/depts/career/
Career Services works in partnership with employers and the campus community by helping students and alumni to develop, implement, and evaluate job search strategies.

Job and career services are available to all UM-St. Louis students and alumni. Career Services hours are Monday through Thursday8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.. For more information, call (314) 516-5111, or visit 278 Millennium Student Center.

Web Registration. Internet technology allows students 24/7 access to career services. Web registration enables students to become members of the Candidate Database, display resumes in the Web Resume Book to hundreds of local and national employers to view, interview on campus, and more.

Candidate Database. Qualifications and experience of Candidate Database members may be quickly matched with job vacancy listings. Resumes will be sent directly to the employer.

Web Home Page. Provides general information about Career Services, upcoming Job Fairs, Career Days, and other special events, the on-campus interviewing schedule, direct links to company information, job banks, career resource materials, and self-assessment exercises. The Web Job Listings service has hundreds of current vacancies listed daily by employers. http://www.umsl.edu/career

Career Experience and Employment Program  http://www.umsl.edu/depts/career/
The Career Experience and Employment Program combines classroom studies with work experience in a field related to education and career goals. These degree related positions offer students an excellent opportunity to gain professional job experience and earn money to help with expenses while in school. Through this program, students begin to understand what career choices they might make, gain valuable contacts in their field, and, in many cases, get paid for their work.They graduate with a college degree and an impressive resume. Throughout this program, Career Services, and academic departments work with students and employers to ensure that positions are linked to curriculum and career development. These work arrangements are available to UM-St. Louis students at all levels in all majors. Contact Career Services for more information at 516-5111, or visit 278 Millennium Center

Following is an overview of internships and practicums available through various academic departments:

4315(315), Senior Seminar - required, for credit
325-329(4325-4329), Internship in Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology, Folklore, Museum Studies, Physical Anthropology - elective, for credit; placement with outside organizations; junior standing required.

Positions available on competitive basis as lab and research assistants, teachers/facilitators, and interns/assistants - optional, noncredit.

Human Origin and Cultural Diversity program offers internships in educational anthropology and diversity education.

3699(231), Undergraduate Internship in Biotechnology - optional as part of certificate program, for credit or noncredit, enrollment in certificate program required.
4299(347) Practicum in Conservation - required as part of certificate program, for credit, enrollment in certificate program required.

Opportunities are available to pursue research with faculty members for credit during the academic year. Normally requires enrollment in Chemistry 3905(290). Stipend available in some cases. Expanded opportunities available in the summer through the Research Experience for Undergraduates Program, which is typically funded by the National Science Foundation and local industry. In some cases students may conduct Chemistry 3905(290) research at a local company through collaborative arrangement between a faculty members and an industrial chemist.

Criminology and Criminal Justice
3280(280) Internship in Criminology and Criminal Justice - elective, for credit.

Career-related work arrangements for students majoring in economics are primarily administered through the department, located in 408 SSB. These positions are generally paid and non-credit bearing; however, students receive a transcript notation for each semester worked. Occasionally credit may be earned for selected assignments with departmental approval.

4890(320), Independent Writing Project - internships offered in areas such as journalism, public relations, advertising, publishing, and technical writing; for credit, enrollment in Writing Certificate Program required.
2980(198) Practicum in Theater - optional, credit
4980(398), Internship in Theater - optional, credit.

Foreign Languages and Literatures
Positions as tutors in language lab available on a competitive basis - paid, noncredit. Students of German can apply for summer internships abroad through the German-American Student Exchange Program - noncredit. Information available in department.

4001(390), Special Readings - internships occasionally available with historical agencies; department chair and/or undergraduate coordinator must approve to obtain credit.

Mathematics and Computer Science
Career-related work arrangements for students majoring in math and/or computer science are primarily administered through Career Services located in 278 Millennium Student Center. These positions are paid and non-credit-bearing.

Physics and Astronomy
The department funds research internships in the department in both physics and astronomy. The awards are competitive, and preference is given to students who have completed the Physics 2111/2112(111/112) sequence.

Political Science
3940(295), Public Affairs Internship - required, for credit, for bachelor of science in public administration program. It may also count as an elective, for credit, within the bachelor of arts in political science program and is open to all majors. Placements include municipal, state, and federal governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, courts, and political campaign offices.

3295(295), Selected Projects in Field Placement - elective, for credit.

Social Work
4800(320) and 4850(321) Supervised Field Experience in Social Work I and II - required, for credit, enrollment in B.S.W. program and prior consent of instructor are required.

4385(385), Internship in Sociology - elective, for credit.
4040(304) Survey Research Practicum - elective, for credit. Students should consult the sociology department, 707 Tower, for requirement guidelines. Many departments within the College of Arts and   Sciences work in cooperation with the College of Education for students seeking teaching certification in an emphasis area. Student teaching work arrangements are coordinated through the College of Education.

College Business Administration
Career-related work arrangements for students majoring in all areas of business are primarily administered through Career Services. These positions are paid and non-credit-bearing.

BA 3590(327), Practicum in Finance - recommended course for credit and compensation for students with a   finance emphasis. Students work closely with local firms to gain practical work experience.

College Education
Student Teaching - required, for credit. The College of Education is involved with a variety of programs which provide students with academically related work opportunities. These include Parkway Central Middle School/UM-St. Louis Internship Program, Professional Development School Program, and Schools for Thought-Compton-Drew Middle School. These programs are optional and both for credit and non-credit. Positions at Parkway Central Middle School and Compton-Drew Middle School are paid.

College of Fine Arts and Communication

3387(287), Professional Internship for Art History majors only-elective, for credit
3388(288), St. Louis Art Museum Internship for Studio Art or Art History majors only – competitive position elective for credit.

1193(193), 1194(194), 1196(196), 1197(197), Practicum in Applied Communication, Debate/Forensics, Radio, and Television/Film - required, for credit. On-campus positions, as available.
3393(393), 3394(394), 3396(396), 3397(397), Internship in Applied Communication, Journalism, Radio, and Television/Film - elective, for credit, Senior standing, 3.0 GPA, and faculty recommendation required; off-campus positions.  

4920(292),  Internship – required , for credit, enrollment  in bachelor of music business required.  Department sponsored internships available for all majors at St. Louis area arts institutions.

UM-St. Louis/Washington University Joint Undergraduate Engineering Program Career-related work arrangements for students majoring in all areas of engineering are primarily administered through Career Services. These positions are paid and non-credit-bearing.

Barnes College of Nursing and Health Studies
Clinical courses are required in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. These experiences are limited to nursing majors only.

Pierre LacledeHonors College
Internships chosen by Honors College students, or arranged by their major departments, are valuable opportunities to broaden educational experience while also meeting the honors independent study requirement for graduation.

Visit Career Services, 278 Millennium Student Center, or call (314) 516-5111
for more information on these programs and other work arrangements available.
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